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Third Shot Drop Playlist – Pickleball 411

This week Pickleball Channel is at Grand Canyon State Games in El Mirage, Arizona to capture some great pickleball! While we’re there, we’ll be creating brand new episodes of Pickleball 411 and Pickleball Quick Tips with top pickleball pros like Dave Weinbach. While you wait patiently, make sure you watch this Pickleball 411 playlist we’ve put together with all of […]

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Three Myths About Being in the Kitchen | Pickleball 411

Check out this hilarious video we created to answer the most frequent questions we’ve gotten about the kitchen.  At some point every pickleball player has had to clarify the unique rules that surround the non-volley zone, or kitchen.  Watch Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore, two top pickleball pros, and Rusty Howes of Pickleball Channel, demonstrate in a fun and fanciful […]

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Fantastic Doubles Point with Strategy Breakdown – Pickleball 411

Check out this shot by shot PICKLEBALL STRATEGY breakdown of a great point between top players Alex Hamner and Wes Gabrielsen vs. Sarah Ansboury and Chris Miller.  It took place during the Mixed 30+ GOLD medal match at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships pickleball tournament. This pickleball video of this point has been viewed on Facebook over 38,000 times already […]

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