Everyone knows how important a good third shot drop is for a strong pickleball game. But did you know that there are times when using the third shot drop is NOT your best option? Hear from pickleball coach and ambassador for the sport, Phil Dunmeyer, as he lays out three circumstances when you would NOT want to use the third shot drop. Build your own strategy, keep control of the game and give yourself time to transition to the net in these three unique situations.

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hqdefault8Try out this great drill to help improve your third shot drop! Check out our new series, SKILLS & DRILLS as pickleball pro Scott Moore demonstrates an easy drill, including some strategical tips about where to aim the ball and how to hold your paddle. What’s easy is that you can do this simple drill with a partner or a ball machine. Neutralize your opponent’s advantage and transition to the net more easily by practicing your third shot drop. Check out this Easy Drill to Improve Your Third Shot Drop today!

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