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Pickleball Heroes – Inspiring World War II Vets

Rusty from Pickleball Channel was honored to be able to interview two amazing heroes while attending the Huntsman World Senior Games last year. Armand Matern and Paul Alcantra are not only American Heroes – they’re Pickleball Heroes! Hear from them about what they love about playing pickleball and how this sport keeps them young. ========= WATCH THIS RELATED VIDEO ========= […]

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BONUS FOOTAGE: Future Pickleball Champion in the Making – USAPA VIII Nationals

We know you love to see some behind-the-scenes footage! Check out the future of pickleball in this video with raw footage from USAPA Nationals 2016. Watch Pro pickleball player Marcin Rozpedski’s son play pickleball.  Pickleball is growing and we will see more and more of this as our children experience this amazing sport. #pickleballfuture #pickelballjuniors #pickleballkids #usapajuniors #genepool

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