The Most Interesting Pickleball Player in the World has pickleball skills like no other. Stay hydrated my friends.

🔥Legend has it he once played two games simultaneously and won them both.

🔥He never hits lobs because he never has to.

🔥He’s been known to close his eyes during a hands battle.

🔥When he hits an erne he just calls it jumping.

🔥He’s won tournaments he wasn’t even entered in.

🔥He poaches, even when he plays singles.

🔥When his opponents take a time out, and they always do, he sits quietly and writes poetry.

🔥He is the most interesting pickleball player in the world.

💧Stay hydrated my friends.

Coming in Hot – A Pickleball Channel Original Production


Troy Gabaldon

Carlos Bennett

Dan Carlson

Rusty Howes

Meredith Howes

Music by Pond5

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