Rusty from Pickleball Channel was honored to be able to interview two amazing heroes while attending the Huntsman World Senior Games last year. Armand Matern and Paul Alcantra are not only American Heroes – they’re Pickleball Heroes! Hear from them about what they love about playing pickleball and how this sport keeps them young.

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pickleball-for-heroes-tournament-brPickleball is changing lives for veterans in Colorado! Check out this heart-warming story from the Denver area and hear first hand how this vibrant pickleball family is reaching out to improve every life in their community through pickleball. Headed by their spunky leader known as Pickleball Ken, they have grown from a handful of players to over 3,000 and now seek to give back to the veterans in their area through their yearly Pickleball for Heroes tournament.  Watch Colorado Pickleball Makes a Difference for Veterans – I ♥ Pickleball now!

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