Pickleball is changing lives in Colorado! Check out this heart-warming story from the Denver area and hear first hand how this vibrant pickleball family is reaching out to improve every life in their community through pickleball. Headed by their spunky leader known as Pickleball Ken, they have grown from a handful of players to over 3,000 and now seek to give back to the veterans in their area through their yearly Pickleball for Heroes tournament. This is a story of heart, hope and making a difference!


To learn more about Pickleball in Colorado, please visit PickleballKen.org

Pickleball for Heroes Tournament is taking place Sept 2-4, 2016. Sign up at Teamsideline.com/apex. 100% of the proceeds go to help Veterans in Colorado suffering from traumatic brain injury.

For more information about Operation TBI Freedom, a program of Craig Hospital, visit CraigHospital.org/Programs/Operation-TBI-Freedom and learn more about how Colorado is redefining possible for veterans with traumatic brain injuries.

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  1. Great story! I would like to suggest a great man that you could do a story on. His name is Stanley Volkens. He brought pb to Middletown, Ohio about 12 years ago and there are now 10 courts and 100’s of players. He is 86 years old.

  2. Awesome story and thanks Pickleball Ken for all you do. This is a great reminder that we all need to pay forward in any way we can.

  3. I love stories like this! It is so inspiring. Pickleball is a healing game & is touching many lives…I am very thankful to be a part of it in my small town of Yountville CA.

  4. I lovee stories like this! It is so inspiring. Pickleball is a healing game and is touching many lives. It is a privalege to be a part of this in my small town of Yountville CA.

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