Seventeen time national champion, Jennifer Lucore, shares her Pickleball Quick Tip that is simple but brilliant! How can you be ready for the ball when you’re waiting at the kitchen line? Watch and listen as this pickleball pro gives all of us some practical advice for being prepared to hit that winning shot! You’ll be amazed what this simple trick can do for your game. It can make you more aware, engaged and focused, and ultimately, it can set you up for hitting the next winner. What is this quick and easy tip? Watch the video to find out!

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hqdefault1Check out another great Quick Tip from Jennifer’s long-time doubles partner, Alex Hamner. Are you tired of flubbing the ball into the net on seemingly simple shots? Hear some great advice from multiple national champion, Alex Hamner, as she gives a quick tip that can help improve your chances of hitting more winners. This is super simple instruction, but it can make a huge difference in your game! Check out her quick tip today!

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  1. Rebecca Raguso Snyder

    Love Pickleball- I’m a newbie but improving!

  2. Thanks for the fun Pickleball Channel! To follow more of my FUN check out my blog at – jennifer lucore

  3. Love this tip! Really sets you up psychologically!

  4. Great tip! I will steal this and take all the credit!Woohoo! Thanks Jen!

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