Tired of flubbing the ball into the net on seemingly simple shots? Hear some great advice from multiple national champion, Alex Hamner, as she gives a quick tip that can help improve your chances of hitting more winners. This is super simple instruction, but it can make a huge difference in your game! Check out her quick tip today!

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pickleball_battle_of_sexes_simone_brCheck out this great Quick Tip from US Open Pickleball Academy instructor and multi-champion Simone Jardim! While she was in the process of winning her Triple Crown matches at the US Open Pickleball Championships this year, Simone took a moment away from her busy schedule to give YOU a quick tip! She has a unique ready position that she uses and shares with her clients that makes a big difference in their games. The ultimate goal is to minimize mistakes, so see if this variation on the ready position might just work for you! So watch Minimizing Mistakes with Paddle Position by Simone Jardim today!

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  1. A fresh way of saying this tried and true advice. I’ll remember it on the court!

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