Get your own private lesson from US Open Pickleball Academy instructor and multi-champion Simone Jardim! While she was in the process of winning her Triple Crown matches at the US Open Pickleball Championships this year, Simone took a moment away from her busy schedule to give YOU a quick tip! She has a unique ready position that she uses and shares with her clients that makes a big difference in their games. The ultimate goal is to minimize mistakes, so see if this variation on the ready position might just work for you!

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hqdefault3Here’s another Pickleball Quick Tip to help improve your speed and get to the ball faster. Pickleball Channel was lucky enough to get with Pro pickleball player Marcin Rozpedski at the USAPA Nationals Pickleball Tournament and hear first hand a simple trick he uses to get to the ball faster. It’s simple and any level player can improve their game immediately by implementing this easy tip. Watch Simple Trick the Pros Use to Increase Their Speed on the Court today!

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  1. Good topic and good instruction! Thanks

  2. Great Tip, thanks.

  3. Great tips there Simone!!!

  4. Thanks, Simone! I am having a challenge with this, so will implement your tip tomorrow morning.

  5. I have a hearing handicap and fail to remember the score. I do OK for the 5-6 points but then I lose track of the score. I think this handicaps me since forgetting the score seems to reduce your chances for winning the game. Are there any good suggestions on how to remember the score? Thanks.

  6. Does the 10 o’clock position only work for right-handed people? I am left -handed. Should I hold the racket at 2 o’clock?

  7. I really find the pickle ball tips , helpful, I’m a new player, love the game

  8. Tips with the left handed player perspective

  9. I find these tips very helpful. Thanks for posting.

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