Check out this shot by shot PICKLEBALL STRATEGY breakdown of a great point between top players Alex Hamner and Wes Gabrielsen vs. Sarah Ansboury and Chris Miller.  It took place during the Mixed 30+ GOLD medal match at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships pickleball tournament. This pickleball video of this point has been viewed on Facebook over 38,000 times already because of all the amazing elements that it contains including dinks, lobs, volleys and switching of sides. We decided to take it to the next level and invited pro pickleball player, and one of the winners of the match, Alex Hamner, to add her commentary where she breaks down everything that happens in the point.  Alex analyzes it like only she can, pointing out the strengths of all four players and sharing tips and tricks along the way which can help you improve your game.

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Hamner power serveCheck out Alex’s power serve! In this short video our friend, Alex Hamner, demonstrates her amazing power serve…but in a way you may not have seen before. We are providing all the action and including slow motion shots too!  Watch The Power Serve with Slow Motion today.

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  1. Hi, during the doubles game…a dink shot was dropped into the kitchen…the player, returning the ball, “entered the kitchen” before the ball hit the ground (in the kitchen)?, then played the shot…?

    • Hi Gary, thanks for watching. If we understand your question correctly, the clarification is about the player entering the kitchen before the ball hit the ground. A common misunderstanding is that players are not allowed in the kitchen when in fact you can be in the non-volley zone all day long with no penalty. A fault ONLY takes place if a player hits a volley and makes contact with the surface of the non-volley zone. So in the scenario you mention, it is ok for a player to anticipate a ball dropping into the non-volley zone, stepping as it flys to be ready, as long as they LET IT BOUNCE before they hit it. Please let us know if you have another question. THanks and Keep On Playing.

  2. Like too see stories about older players especially in tournaments 60-70 age brackets

    Jerry Eamer

  3. One of your best instructional videos. Nice work!

    • Hi Ray, Thank you very much for watching and reaching out. We appreciate you sharing and subscribing for free. We are trying to bring pickleball players everywhere the best pickleball videos and content anywhere. All the best and “Keep On Playing”. Thanks

  4. What a great video. Very cool explanation and commentary. Thanks much. Mike

  5. The is the one of the best videos. I shared it with my Strokes and Strategies Class, with our entire email list and now with the PUBLIC on FACEBOOOK. Do some more of these please and thank-you.

  6. I am a right handed player. My weakness is a ball traveling fast at a 45 degree angle to my left. How do I effectively step over my left foot and stab the ball with my right hand or should I try switching to my left hand to hit the ball since the ball is traveling fast.
    Thanks for a demonstration.

    • This is one of my favorite shots, if I am understanding you correctly. I cross over my left foot and with my body angled, slice with (my right hand) a backhand to the opposite corner, to the right corner of the court near volleyline. I have a really good backhand though, and have practiced this shot a lot. If hit in, no one is able to return because they are so out of position. Just food for thought.

      I would have done that in this game video, as the opportunities were easily there.

  7. This was one of the greatest videos that I have seen on this great site! Please keep up this type of visual learning from the pros.

  8. Great point! And love the breakdown of it by Alex…that was very insightful! I like how she pointed out where they didn’t hit as good a shot as they wanted to. And that question above about being in the kitchen before the ball bounced–I thought the same thing so I’m glad you answered it! Keep up the great work–I share all these videos with our growing group here in the SoCal Inland empire area!

  9. The way you guys break down the strategy of playing pickleball I really loved it. Especially for those who are new and who looking for getting better, this video will definitely help them as it did to me.

    Since a long time, I was looking for that information regarding pickleball but I wasn’t getting in at one place. Thank you, Mr. Rusty Howes, for your contribution to the pickleball. I really appreciate it.

    Keep doing awesome job.

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