This week Pickleball Channel is at Grand Canyon State Games in El Mirage, Arizona to capture some great pickleball! While we’re there, we’ll be creating brand new episodes of Pickleball 411 and Pickleball Quick Tips with top pickleball pros like Dave Weinbach. While you wait patiently, make sure you watch this Pickleball 411 playlist we’ve put together with all of our best videos about the third shot drop. Mastering your own third shot drop will improve your game and get you ready for your next tournament!

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hqdefault2Check out our most recent episode of Pickleball 411! Everyone knows how important a good third shot drop is for a strong pickleball game. But did you know that there are times when using the third shot drop is NOT your best option? Hear from pickleball coach and ambassador for the sport, Phil Dunmeyer, as he lays out three circumstances when you would NOT want to use the third shot drop. Build your own strategy, keep control of the game and give yourself time to transition to the net in these three unique situations. Watch 3 Times NOT to Use the Third Shot Drop today!

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  1. Would like to see some of the tips done with a left handed player.

  2. I heard if you hit a ball and it lands just outside of the kitchen, a player returns with a low shot and follows through carrying him in the kitchen. that is a legal play…

    • As long as the ball bounced, that is legal. If they hit the ball before it bounces, it is NOT legal to allow your follow-through to carry you into the kitchen. The kitchen is free to enter as long as the ball bounces. Thanks for watching!

  3. Hi PB Channel, Is there any stategic limit on the height of the apex of the ball on the third shot drop shot? What is the risk of a high lob into the kitchen? Thanks. Tom

  4. 1] the ball could be taken in the air, or 2] it bounces higher upon landing, both of which help the opponents take the offense in the return.

  5. I would like to see ideas on 3rd shot on windy days. Here in arizona, March is a very windy month.

  6. I’m an indoor player here in Seattle. Recently, I played my first tournament (3.5), in El Mirage, AZ. I wasn’t used to the wind, sun, or elevation. Therefore, my game sucked and I literally played as if I’d never been on a pickleball court! One of the comments here was to do a video on making the third shot with and against the wind. I’d love that too!!! Thanks so much.

  7. What is the best way to return a ball that has a lot of back spin. I play with group of people that return the serve with a ton of back spin, and I find it hard to return it on the third drop shot. It goes into the net or I pop it up to high and get it slammed back in my face.

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