We get a lot of people asking us if we have any videos to help improve their serve. Well, here’s a playlist of 9 great videos all focused on different kinds of serves! These videos feature serves from pros like Alex Hamner and Rob Elliott, while others include quick tips and slow-mo so you can ace that serve!  There’s even a great drill to improve your first three shots! Check out this playlist and share it with your friends.

The Power Serve with Alex Hamner -This week on Pickleball Channel we are responding to viewers’ desires to see more footage that can be studied. So today we have a short video showing an extended look at the power serve.  Our friend, Alex Hamner, demonstrates her amazing power serve…but in a way you may not have seen before. We are providing all the action and including slow motion shots too!  Now you will be able to see more than you have in the past.  Remember, this is just one example.  Every player is different and you need to use what works for you.

The Power Serve with Rob Elliott – Here’s another look at the power serve with gold medalist Rob Elliott. Having a variety of serves is important to become a high level player and this is just one example. We were fortunate enough to capture Rob’s power serve while we were shooting in The Villages in Florida and thought it would be a great time to show it to you!

Unique Backhand Serve with Byron Freso– Check out Byron Freso as he demonstrates the unique backhand serve.  Byron will impress you with his carefully placed backhand serve as you watch it with our specialized slow motion cameras.  Check out how the ball curves!  Some players have even found this serve useful if they are suffering with shoulder problems or struggling with their regular serve.  And this serve meets all the rule requirements of a serve in pickleball, which we’ve noted for easy viewing.

Pickleball 411: The Underhand Serve – In this episode of Pickleball 411, we explain the underhand serve motion. Using some clear motion graphics, our host, Rusty Howes, will walk you through the three main elements of the underhand serve motion: Underhand Stroke, Ball Contact and Paddle Head Position. We hope this short video will help clarify some of the trickier points of this part of the serve and answer those burning questions you’ve always pondered (“Where exactly IS my waist…?). Watch and enjoy!

Pickleball 411: 3 Serves and Why You Need Them – In this episode of Pickleball 411, our host, Rusty Howes, is joined by Jennifer Lucore, Alex Hamner and Bob Youngren who demonstrate the different serves they use and explain when and why they use them.  Not only do you get to see these serves demonstrated by top players, you get the detailed strategy of why you need to know different serves.  We hope this detailed episode will help all of you take your pickleball game to the next level!

A Special Look at Serves in Slow Motion – The underhand serve is an integral part of anyone’s pickleball game whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years. In this popular video, Pickleball Channel comes to you from the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, UT. With such a wide variety of players, there’s a lot of variations on how people execute their serves. We captured multiple underhand serves in super slow motion so that you can watch the different techniques, and maybe model your own serve after one you see here.

Improve Your First Three Shots in Pickleball: Skills and Drills – The first three shots in a pickleball match can set you up to win if done well. Watch this video to see how this simple drill can really help you understand what to do for each of the three shots that start the game – the serve, the return of serve and the third shot drop. It’s a fun game with points that you can play to help improve your accuracy! This is a great drill developed by Phil Dunmeyer, pickleball ambassador from Tustin, CA, and a well respected leader among pickleball players.

Pickleball Quick Tip: Serve and Step Back – Coach Mo from the Villages in central Florida presents this great quick tip. Hear his helpful advice which is especially helpful for newer players or players with less speed on their feet.  If you have quick speed, can judge the ball well, and run backwards easily, this tip might not be the one for you.  Remember, everyone’s skill level is different.  Make sure you do what is best for you and play safe.

Pickleball Quick Tip: 2 Second Rule – Hear this great quick tip from Bob Youngren. Bob has taught pickleball to thousands of people, volunteered his own time, and has had a great impact on the sport. Bob offers up some great advice for players of all levels before they serve.

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