The underhand serve is an integral part of anyone’s pickleball game whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years. Today Pickleball Channel is coming to you from the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, UT. This is one of the most popular tournaments with quality players from around the country.  With such a wide variety of players, there’s a lot of variations on how people execute their serves. We captured multiple underhand serves in super slow motion so that you can watch the different techniques, and maybe model your own serve after one you see here. Then be sure to check out our Pickleball 411 episode about the Underhand Serve to learn about the three main components to a legal underhand serve.

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PB411 Logo SMALLCheck out this episode of Pickleball 411, where Pickleball Channel explains the underhand serve motion. Using some clear motion graphics, walk  through the three main elements of the underhand serve motion: Underhand Stroke, Ball Contact and Paddle Head Position. Watch Pickleball 411: The Underhand Serve today!

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  1. Frank Kinder

    I was amazed at how many people threw the ball up (instead of dropping it down or merely hitting it out of the hand) before striking the ball in this video! A couple of players came very close (if not above) the waist at the point of contact. Easy to see why some serves are so controversial.

  2. Roger Rioux

    Can you please do a presentation on valid serves. The rule book says upward arc. Some people pull the paddles across their bodies putting a lot of spin on the ball. Is that legal?

  3. Thanks, pickleball channel. I like this one. Make one for the return of serve next time please.
    I lost a lot of points for my serve and return when I played my first outdoor tournament. It was very painful.

  4. Interesting video, a nice compilation. From the camera angle it appears several of the serves are above the waist and some show paddle above the wrist. Camera or actual?

  5. please do a video showing ILLEGAL serves !!

  6. It looked to me like there were several illegal serves in this video. And what about the backhand serve? All this video did was confuse me even more.

  7. Roger Kuite

    Show examples of illegal serves in slow motion.
    Is a serve whose motion is a slice and finishes in a sideways motion rather than an upward motion illegal?
    I enjoy the videos.

  8. Michael Pesile

    I would like to see the backhand overhead. I think this is one of the most difficult shots.
    Thank You

  9. It would be interesting if you could do a stop-motion shot of each of those serves at the point of contact with the ball, and superimpose over each shot the graphics you used in the Underhand Serve video.

  10. I didn’t see anyone serve the ball like I do on occasion. I call it the “Windmill” serve, and it’s fast and explosive. Perhaps you need to come out and do a video on my serve. I also have a “run up” serve, that is fun.

  11. I would like some high level players to demonstrate and discuss strategies on using the lob.

  12. Megan Wieland

    Enjoyed the slow motion video. Would love to see a whole series of slow motion videos for spins, blocks, overheads, dinking etc. Just keep the slow motion videos coming! Thanks!

  13. i agree with many of the comments that some of these serves appear what i was told to be illegal…we REALLY need to see what is ILLEGAL so we dont do it!

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