The first three shots in a pickleball match can set you up to win if done well. Watch this video to see how this simple drill can really help you understand what to do for each of the three shots that start the game – the serve, the return of serve and the third shot drop. It’s a fun game with points that you can play to help improve your accuracy! This is a great drill developed by Phil Dunmeyer, pickleball ambassador from Tustin, CA, and a well respected leader among pickleball players. Watch it today!

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pickleball_skills_drills_best_shotbrWatch another great episode of Skills and Drills! Get help from Pickleball Pro, Scott Moore, as he shares a great drill to improve your return of serve. We have even included graphics to make the drill easier to visualize. Remember, if you want to improve your skills, you gotta do the drills! Watch Improve Your Return of Serve today!

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