Get help from Pickleball PRO, Scott Moore, as he shares a great drill to improve your return of serve! Scott teaches players around the country how to improve their game, and Pickleball Channel is happy to feature his helpful tips in our brand new show, SKILLS AND DRILLS. Scott uses a Pickleball Tutor ball machine to demonstrate the drill, but you can also undertake this exercise with a partner or large group. We have even included graphics to make the drill easier to visualize. Remember, if you want to improve your skills, you gotta do the drills!

Scott Moore is a Pro pickleball player and instructor. He was named the Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year in 2015, and in 2016 he won all 6 senior events at Nationals VIII as well as 3 at Tournament of Champions.

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skills_drills_title_brWatch another great episode of Skills and Drills!  This short and sweet video is a great way to improve the elusive THIRD SHOT DROP.  Pickleball Pro, Scott Moore, demonstrates an easy drill using a Pickleball Tutor ball machine, including some strategical tips about where to aim  the ball and how to hold your paddle. What’s easy is that you can do this simple drill with a partner or a ball machine. Neutralize your opponent’s advantage and transition to the net more easily by watching this Easy Drill to Improve Your Third Shot Drop today!

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  1. Scott is great player, no, exceptional. But what makes him truly great is he loves people, the game, and he’s a ton of fun to be with. Had a big impact on PB in our city.

  2. Too many newbies fail to put themselves in the ideal strike zone in order to hit the return. It’s either too far away from the body or too close. Anticipation is the key, then execution to quickly follow up and through toward the target zone.
    Obviously foot speed/footwork are key to accomplishing all of these. Cheers!

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