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Check out this hilarious video we created to answer the most frequent questions we’ve gotten about the kitchen.  At some point every pickleball player has had to clarify the unique rules that surround the non-volley zone, or kitchen.  Watch Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore, two top pickleball pros, and Rusty Howes of Pickleball Channel, demonstrate in a fun and fanciful way exactly what you can do with this part of the court.  Knowing these details will help improve your game and get to that ball faster!  Enjoy this video now as they debunk in high-spirited fashion the three most common myths of the kitchen!

**CORRECTION – Rusty says in the video that Alex and Jennifer are “arguably the winningest doubles team so far in the history of pickleball,” BUT they are actually tied with Hilary Marold and Yvonne Hackenberg with 8 Gold Medal USAPA Nationals Titles. Thanks for the correction Hilary!

Read the kitchen rules for yourself by checking out the Official USAPA rulebook, Section 9, at

And to further clarify the rules, check out the rulebook changes at

Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at ‪

Check out Jennifer Lucore’s website at

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pickleball-nvz-kitchenHow you play at the non-volley zone line can make THE difference between winning and losing when playing pickleball.  Find out three common mistakes you can avoid and gain all the benefits when playing at the non-volley zone line.  Watch this episode of Pickleball 411 with special guest Prem Carnot as he breaks it down for us.  Prem will share what he’s observed in working with players across the country and WHY it’s so important to play at the non-volley zone line. Improve your game now by watching this video and then get out there and put these ideas into practice. Watch 3 Big Mistakes & 3 Benefits When Playing Pickleball at the Non-Volley Zone Line.

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