Check out this hilarious video we created to answer the most frequent questions we’ve gotten about the kitchen.  At some point every pickleball player has had to clarify the unique rules that surround the non-volley zone, or kitchen.  Watch Alex Hamner and Jennifer Lucore, two top pickleball pros, and Rusty Howes of Pickleball Channel, demonstrate in a fun and fanciful way exactly what you can do with this part of the court.  Knowing these details will help improve your game and get to that ball faster!  Enjoy this video now as they debunk in high-spirited fashion the three most common myths of the kitchen!

**CORRECTION – Rusty says in the video that Alex and Jennifer are “arguably the winningest doubles team so far in the history of pickleball,” BUT they are actually tied with Hilary Marold and Yvonne Hackenberg with 8 Gold Medal USAPA Nationals Titles. Thanks for the correction Hilary!

Read the kitchen rules for yourself by checking out the Official USAPA rulebook, Section 9, at

And to further clarify the rules, check out the rulebook changes at

Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at ‪

Check out Jennifer Lucore’s website at

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  1. Fun video and very helpful!

    Thank you for taking the time!

  2. Love your channel and always learn from your videos. I am an intermediate player working to get better. One of my many struggles is handling hard hit slam shots from mid court and no mans land. I would love to see a drill to practice handling these slam shots in particular those that are low at my feet. I have a pickleball tudor to feed me balls but could use some help on setting up a drill to practice handling these type shots. If you could produce a video to cover that I am sure other players would benefit.

  3. Definitely worth watching. Funny and informative!

  4. Can you step into the kitchen after returning volley ? example – running up to get the 3rd shot drop and momentum takes you into the kitchen after returning the ball.

    • If your momentum takes you into the kitchen after you hit a volley then that is a foot fault. You must maintain your balance outside of the kitchen, including the lines, to have a valid volley shot. You must regain control of your body to step into the kitchen after a volley. Hope this helps!

  5. What if you enter the kitchen before the ball lands, and find out that it is not going to land in the kitchen;as you thought it would? Can you re-establish your self in the court, and play the ball off the bounce? That is, if you are quick enough to be able to get to it?

    • Absolutely. You can be anywhere, including the kitchen, if you play the ball off the bounce. The only problem is trying to hit a volley while standing, or touching, the kitchen.

  6. Can I hit a ball that has not yet bounced while I am in the air? I land in the kitchen, but I hit the shot prior to landing in the kitchen.

    • No you can’t. That’s called a foot fault. If you want to hit a ball that has not bounced you have to stay completely out of the kitchen including the line. No part of you can touch the kitchen including your paddle or shoe or hat. Once you hit the volley and you have regained your balance, outside of the kitchen, you can then step in the kitchen again as needed.

  7. Please demonstrate a legal serve that appears to be side-arm (but isn’t?)

  8. Please demonstrate a legal and illegal serve when the legal one appears to be side-arm but isn’t.

  9. Listen, Laugh and Learn! Thanks Pickleball Channel for the top-quality videos full of fun!

  10. This last video talked about being in the kitchen but did not address falling in to the kitchen. I was told that if your momentum carry’s you into the kitchen even after the point is over, that you lose the point. Is this true?

  11. Very funny, I loved it. It cracks me up just how many people want to talk about rules when it is obvious they have never read them. The rules of pickleball are not that long and they are easy to understand. Please, if you have not read them, take a few moments to do so. Love this channel, thanks so much for what you guys do.

  12. Mildly amusing but not very informative.

    Did not really address the one issue that many players get wrong ? What about “continuation” after hitting the volley ??

    Who can make the violation call, seems the partner of offending player would have the best view.

    With my group, Happens every time I play resulting in disagreements.

    • Hi Anne, you’re RIGHT on both accounts – this video was about being in the kitchen in relation to balls that bounce. Stay tuned for an episode about the kitchen and volleys, including things like momentum. But as to your question, YES if your momentum carries you into the kitchen even after the point is over, you have lost the point.

  13. Hi Tim, the focus of the video was about being in the kitchen in relation to hitting a ball that has bounced. The ‘continuation’ or momentum aspect will be covered in another video. Regarding making a violation call, any player that sees a violation can – and should – make the call. Particularly in un-refereed matches. Thanks for watching Pickleball Channel …. keep on playing!

  14. I have had a change of email address which no one seems to want to know about. Once again, My new email address is

  15. If I’m not in the kitchen before during and after a volley, can my volley arm motion pass through the kitchen volume?

  16. I love your videos-thank you! Just have one question-why is it a fault if after you hit a volley and also hit your partners paddle and it falls into the kitchen? Keep up the good work-I need to tell all of my fellow players about this website-

  17. Great videos of the non volley zone/kitchen. Question: If a ball touches the net and before it bounces in the kitchen is it permitted to volley while in the kitchen. In other words is the net considered part of the court/kitchen. Thanks.

    • The net is its own animal. And you can volley a ball that has touched the net, as long as you’re not in the non volley zone! Thanks for watching

  18. The lesser known rules behind the kitchen line are fascinating. It’s more involved than you think. Great video and great comments here.

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