How you play at the non-volley zone line can make THE difference between winning and losing when playing pickleball.  Find out three common mistakes you can avoid and gain all the benefits when playing at the non-volley zone line.  Watch this episode of Pickleball 411 with special guest Prem Carnot as he breaks it down for us.  Prem will share what he’s observed in working with players across the country and WHY it’s so important to play at the non-volley zone line.  Improve your game now by watching this video and then get out there and put these ideas into practice!

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Prem is an amazing teacher! Check out this other episode of Pickleball 411 inPaddle Up Close up Prem 286x160 which Prem Carnot shares a simple concept that can make a big difference in winning a match or losing it. Play smart and watch “The Pickleball Guru” break down the paddle up position. Watch Pickleball 411: Paddle Up and Win with Prem Carnot today!

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  1. Should I hit a high lob, before it lands or after it bounces? Thanks

  2. Would love to see video about switch hitting and playing as a leftie. Stacking is too confusing and Alot of righties don’t know how to play the center ball when both forehands are on the outside of the court. Thanks

  3. After hitting the ball, when can one enter the kitchen whether deliberately or because of momentum? I have been told that if after hitting the ball either you or your partner step into the kitchen before the opposing team has played the ball then it is a foot fault. Even if the ball landed in the opponent’s court and they swung and missed the ball, it is a foot fault on your team. Is this true?

    • Hi Frank! It looks like you have a lot of wrong information. Here are some facts. 1. Kitchen foot faults have nothing to do with the opposing team. 2. The only person who counts is the person hitting the ball – not the partner who is not hitting the ball. 3. If momentum causes you to step into the kitchen, it’s immediately a foot fault and has nothing to do with the opposing team. 4. If you hit the ball and regain your balance outside the kitchen, you can immediately step into the kitchen and has nothing to do with the opposing team. Please watch this video to help make it clearer: and good luck!!!

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