In Part 1 of this video topic we learned about how dynamic stretching can help you limber up before hitting the court. In this episode of Pickleball 411 (also shot at the beautiful Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah!), we discuss the best way to stretch after you play: static stretching – the process of stretching the body without movement.  Static stretching is most valuable for preventing future injuries as your muscles are cooling down from your workout.  And who wants to be injured?  No one.  So in order to keep playing pickleball, make sure you stretch right after you are done playing!

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  1. Hello Rebecca, thanks for both stretching videos. I see lots of folks doing statics before play, as I have been doing, so thanks for the correction. The question I have is : which of these exercises do we do when faced with 1/2 Hr to 1 1/2 Hr waits between games in tournament play, and the timing of these under those circumstances, and what measures to take to PREVENT cramping.

    • Great question Leo….The answer is both. You can do some static stretching post game and with long wait times you will want to perform additional dynamic stretching before your next match. Hylands has some great products for leg cramps, you might want to check those out. Also, drink plenty of fluids and make sure to take some type of electrolyte throughout the day since you will be active for many hours. The key to cramping is to get ahead of the problem- hydrate and start taking hylands products 24-48 hours before your tournament. I hope this helps!

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