This week on Pickleball Channel we have another Quick Tip brought to you by Coach Mo – a popular pickleball instructor who lives at The Villages in central Florida.  Winter weather has arrived in most of the country and with winter weather, pickleball playing sometimes has to move indoors.  So what do you do?  Stop playing pickleball?  Absolutely not!  There are ways you can continue to improve your game while you are stuck inside the house.  Watch this Quick Tip from Coach Mo and keep playing pickleball!

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  1. where do I get a Gamma Revolution?

  2. Hi Wally,
    You can also use the Penn QST 36 ball which is identical to the Gamma Revolution.
    I agree that they make a great indoor practice ball. They can also be used outdoors for working on spin to see the impact of your underspin, side spin etc. because the colors make it easier to see what’s happening to the ball.
    Did anyone notice that Coach Mo moved the blue crystal glass off the table halfway through the video? Smart move Coach!

  3. Because I live in Alberta, Canada where we can only play outdoors in the summer, we play all year round in community gymnasiums, using the Badminton lines as our pickleball court. We were lucky this year in that we played outdoors well into October! So I hope you all can take heart that your outdoor play is only limited to a few days while ours is limited to months!
    Sunny, but snowy and cold in Alberta….

  4. Appreciate the tip and I’ve cleared some wall space already. However, Coach Mo says the foam ball is not as heavy as a pickleball? (I know; before someone corrects me, he actually said not as heavy as a wiffle ball, but I’m a purist) … but I beg to differ: the foam ball IS heavier, albeit still very usable for these indoor practice drills. Thanks for the idea and for the lead on these non-marking balls!

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