Most people will never get a chance to visit the birthplace of the sport, but this week Pickleball Channel brings you an exclusive look at the original pickleball court in Bainbridge Island. This is the place where it all began! On this court in 1965 the game of pickleball was born. Over the years, players of all ages have enjoyed community here, the rules have been argued, and the game was developed into the sport we know today.  Take a virtual tour of the court that started it all, plus enjoy fun court facts that pop up along the way including some unique early rules. You won’t want to miss this one! For a video about the origins of pickleball please visit: For a video about the origin of the name of the game visit: For more information about the history of pickleball visit and You can click on the SUBSCRIBE HERE button to subscribe for free and be notified as soon as new pickleball videos are released. Visit our Facebook page for even more exclusive content and daily updates about pickleball! Pickleball Channel is powered by the wonderful support of our friends and partners, Hyland’s Leg Cramps. You can also learn more about our partners at Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at ‪ Stay here to watch more #pickleballvideos! #pickleball #50yearsofpickleball #pickleballhistory


  1. Your series of videos on the history of pickleball have been just great

  2. Awesome! Who lives there now and do they play? And can the public play on it?

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