Ever wonder how this amazing game that you love so much got started? Well, don’t miss this episode of I ♥ Pickleball! Pickleball Channel was fortunate enough to go to Bainbridge Island, the birthplace of the sport, to speak with one of the founders of pickleball, Barney McCallum. Join us as we take you back to a rainy island day when the kids had nothing to do, and some charismatic men decided to make up a game! Learn how the founders made up the rules, how it spread off of Bainbridge Island, and how it eventually became the amazing sport we know today.  This is one episode you do not want to miss!

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  1. Great job Pickleball Channel in capturing Barney and all others in the wonderful history of pickleball. As you heard Janet say “Barney tells it how it is” I love that guy!

  2. Awesome video!! Truly inspirational!

  3. Met Barney at Nationals…….He is the real deal and so genuine, plus he’s humble about the beginning of pickleball. I’d love to hear Barney’s version of how PICKLEball actually got its name……is the dog story true or a myth?

  4. Excellent doco. Best video ever via the Pickleball Channel. A “must view” by anyone involved with Pickleball. Barney is a treasure.

  5. Great video. I do wish Mr. McCallum would have addressed “how pickleball got it’s name”

  6. Simply an awesome job producing this video which will be enjoyed by many for years!!

  7. Excellent doco. Great story. A “must view” video for anyone involved with pickleball.

  8. Absolutely wonderful video. I have seen them all and have to say this is definitely my favourite. The teaching and tips that pickleball channel provides are extremely helpful but to see the origins of this game we all love so much and to see the people that made it happen brings it all into perspective.

    This truly is a family game that has evolved and grown incredibly and we should all be extremely thankful to Barney and his friends for what they started. I know my wife Janet and I both love this game, we have addicted our kids to it as well and it will be a part of our lives forever.

  9. Excellent production but you seem to have avoided the “controversial” origin of the name.

  10. Love this game and have met a lot of wonderful new people playing the game. At 68 tennis was too much but pickle ball is just right! Thanks so much for telling the story …..

  11. Great video and very informative. I echo Dave’s question from above – – how did “Pickle” get in the name of the game?

    • Hi Patrick – Watch our video that comes out today and you will hear from the creators of the game themselves to answer that question! Thanks for watching!

  12. Just discovered this website about the History of Pickleball! I love this game! I’ve been playing since I learned about it in Cathedral City, CA at Outdoor Resorts! Lessons and play during the desert season turned into a favorite at Outdoor Resorts. Pickleball courts took over several tennis courts and is a favorite! It’s grown and new courts are growing in the area of Laguna Niguel, CA and Laguna Woods Village and many more areas.
    I highly recommend this game as a great way to exercise and socialize!!

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