How did the pickleball paddle evolve from wood to the lighter paddle most people use today? It all started with a competitive pickleball player who was tired of losing! As part of Pickleball History month, Pickleball Channel takes a look at the very first light-weight paddle made out of composite material. Hear from Arlen Paranto and his son, pickleball champion Steve Paranto, as they tell the story of how they started making pickleball paddles in 1984 in their garage from leftover scrap material! Learn how these new paddles gave players an advantage and ultimately changed the sport into what we play today. For a video about the origins of pickleball please visit: For a video about the origin of the name of the game visit: For more information about the history of pickleball visit and You can click on the SUBSCRIBE HERE button to subscribe for free and be notified as soon as new pickleball videos are released. Visit our Facebook page for even more exclusive content and daily updates about pickleball! Pickleball Channel is powered by the wonderful support of our friends and partners, Hyland’s Leg Cramps. You can also learn more about our partners at Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at ‪ Stay here to watch more #pickleballvideos! #pickleball #50yearsofpickleball #pickleballhistory #IHeartPickleball


  1. Awesome documentary about a family that changed the sport with their inventiveness and made Pickleball a sport kids and seniors too.

  2. My daughter recently (July 2015} got me a new Z5 wide body pickleball paddle for my birthday. The paddle is great but the paddle faces (back and front ) have a texture feel like that of a very fine sandpaper. I have been told by some players that this surface is illegal and would not be allowed in sanction tournaments. I called the manufacturer (Onixsports) and spoke to Steve Wong. He assured me that the paddle is legal and he has been playing with that type of paddle in tournaments. All the Z5 paddles that are used by the people I play with have a glass-like finish on the face. I have yet to come across a Z5 paddle with a texture face surface like mine. Because of this unique feature of my Z5 paddle I am still concern that I may be breaking the rules( rough versus smooth face surface). Appreciate any comments in this regard.

  3. Well, hello! I had some idea that Steve and his Dad Arlen were involved in the in Pickleball on another level. Sorry I did not realize they were ProLite. My first paddle was a ProLite Magnum. Got a real kick out of how centered the hit was. Simply attributed it to a larger sweet spot, since strings obviously were not part of the equation.
    It was so good compared to some others I had used, I used to say it may as well have had strings on it and to call it a racket (racquet), lol.
    This is a wonderful revelation. The dawning of the age of modern Pickleball (Aquarius).
    Wanna use that name for a new ProLite model, remember it’s my idea, lol!

  4. Robert Duffy, one of my paddles is an older green Z5 wide body. No glass like or glossy surface. I guess I’d feel comfortable to say yes it’s kinda like a very fine grade sandpaper.
    Great feel and hit even now after 4+ yrs and occasional use. Can’t go wong w/ Steve, yes.

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