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Important Story about Pickleball and CPR – I ♥ Pickleball

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybmuxjVVKT4 February is American Heart Month and we at Pickleball Channel want to encourage heart health awareness. One way to do that is learning CPR and how it can save lives. Two members of our team have had to use CPR to save people’s lives, both giving someone a second chance at life. Our story today involves Rusty Howes, Executive […]

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In Memory of a Pickleball Hero – First Ever Episode of “I Heart Pickleball”

The pickleball community in the Palm Springs area recently suffered a great loss in the passing of Maureen Miller-Nielsen. Maureen and her husband, Stan, are pickleball heroes who took a chance on pickleball and, working with the mayor, created the first public dedicated pickleball park in Cathedral City, California.  The pickleball club that they started began with just 3 people […]

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Can Pickleball Help You Live Longer? I ♥ Pickleball from Loma Linda, CA

Living longer is an ideal for which we can all strive and pickleball can play a big role in achieving this!  Watch this I Heart Pickleball episode about Loma Linda, California where the sport has been growing exponentially.  Listen to multiple academics and professionals from Loma Linda University and the Drayson Center who reveal the uniqueness that is found here […]

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Renowned Tennis Club Embraces Pickleball – I ♥ Pickleball 

Yes, pickleball and tennis can thrive and flourish together!  At the world renowned Bobby Riggs Tennis Club, owners and tennis pros Steve and Jennifer Dawson decided to add pickleball to their tennis club which not only added revenue to the organization but has enhanced the community and members’ experience.  Watch a heartwarming story about this tennis club and how the […]

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Find Out What Happens When Tennis and Pickleball Mix! – I ♥ Pickleball

The California desert is redefining the relationship between pickleball and tennis! Watch this exciting episode of I ♥ Pickleball and hear how ambassador Chris Thomas worked with the City and local tennis clubs and resorts to grow pickleball in the greater Palm Springs area…and pickleball is exploding! Hear directly from the pros who run the tennis and pickleball programs at three major […]

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Pickleball Paradise Grown in Backyard! – I ♥ Pickleball

Pickleball paradise in a backyard?  Watch this amazing story about how “If you build it, they will come” really happened to Tom and Ann Earley in North Georgia. You won’t believe the incredible generosity displayed to the surrounding community and the difference it’s made to not only area pickleball players but also to the Earley’s themselves.  Listen to their story […]

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