Yes, pickleball and tennis can thrive and flourish together!  At the world renowned Bobby Riggs Tennis Club, owners and tennis pros Steve and Jennifer Dawson decided to add pickleball to their tennis club which not only added revenue to the organization but has enhanced the community and members’ experience.  Watch a heartwarming story about this tennis club and how the Dawson family took a chance on pickleball and ended up completely embracing the sport. The Dawsons aren’t planning on giving up tennis, but by adding pickleball, they’ve given their tennis club new life and have created a unique community that opens doors for additional opportunity and community for BOTH sports.


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andy_roddick_pickleball_pbcMore and more tennis players are starting to play pickleball! Earlier this year, the Andy Roddick Foundation held a fundraiser for the organization and the activity everyone was focused on was PICKLEBALL! Andy Roddick, world champion tennis pro, was there himself and played pickleball for the first time. Check it out in this fun video. Watch Andy Roddick, PRO Tennis Player, Plays Pickleball for the First Time

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  1. Great story and the production was wonderful too! Thank you

  2. Enjoyed watching and hearing this story. It’s remarkable that the Bobby Riggs Tennis Club is now home to pickleball too!

  3. I have contacts in the tennis world in Brazil. Is Pickleball even known there?

  4. I have contacts in the tennis world in Brazil. Is there any Pickleball presence there?

  5. Played pickleball at the Novo Rio Country Clube November 2016

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