How do the PROS hit winning forehands? Check out this helpful video with top pickleball champion Scott Moore who is known for his strong forehand shot. Watch his form in super slow motion with additional tips that pop up to give you more focused instruction on how to improve your forehand. The forehand is one of those strokes that you use again and again in pickleball. Make yours a forehand you can count on!

Scott Moore and Daniel Moore put on some great pickleball camps and trips which you can learn about here

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Yvonne Hackenberg slow motion pickleball backhand
Yvonne Hackenberg slow motion pickleball backhand

 Check out this helpful video with Yvonne Hackenberg while she demonstrates the backhand!  We have even included slow motion so you can study the movement as well as pop up tips with instruction.  Yvonne is a platform tennis champion with 5 national titles to her name who discovered pickleball later in her career.  She has won numerous pickleball medals, and we think you can learn a lot just by watching her mastery of this stroke.  Watch The Backhand with Slow Motion today!

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  1. What a great slo-mo video. I love his form. I will watch this time & time again!

    • Scott Moore’s forehand technique is wonderful and most of his comments are terrific.However at my age to emulate his technique would destroy my body.

  2. Slow motion of good lobbing technique would be helpful

  3. I would like to see a fast drop shot.

  4. I would love to see video of setup and position of paddle for return shots at my feet- i.e.. low to the ground and close to me, both forehand and backhand side. Thank you.

  5. How about Scott Moore’s backhand serve in slow motion. Not sure if that has been done before.

  6. Deflecting a hard ball hit to you at the net, and not hitting it right back to the person. Getting that angle past the other person, What drills can we do to get this right.

  7. jerry Switalski,Muskego,Wi.What kind of shot is good when a lob gets you back to the baseline and now both your opponents rush up to the net wait for you to hit something right at them,thanks,enjoy your videos

  8. Please show ILLEGAL serves. At my club, many top players use a side-wise stroke very close to their waists, and then rotate the paddle as it hits the ball, making the paddle clearly move higher than the wrist. BUT, these players are sure it’s a legal motion, and it’s done so fast that it’s hard to convince people that the paddle moves higher than the wrist – but it clearly does. I think that ASAPA should adopt some different serve rule that will keep the service motion clearly legal. When I watch the best pros in videos (in championships) I never see any marginally legal services, ie they do not serve like what I see at our club. At our club about half of the top players use illegal serves – especially when they need to win a given point. I don’t say anything, so as to keep things social and friendly, but when i teach new players I show them the legal and the illegal serves. Thanks ! Dave

  9. Could you show in slo-mo the slice return off the bounce in the kitchen and close in at the net.

  10. I’d like to see a video of how to chase down and return a lob. Especially when I’m standing at the kitchen line.

  11. Both he “third shot” and effective dink play. I am now happily into my third year in our wonderful but challenging sport. I enjoy tournament play if for no other reason but to observe how PB is played at competitive levels. It appears to me that these two aspects of the game generally are the mark of higher rated players. Frankly, watching actual play, up close and personal so to speak, is encouraging. Even these players do make mistakes, hit balls wide, long, into the net, too high on the dink and get “smashed”, etc. It reminds me there is hope for the rest of us. We can get better. The videos produces are so helpful toward that goal, particularly the “slo mo” formats.

  12. Hi, I’m 86 yrs. old & have been playing about 18 months. Because of my lack of mobility I am interested in developing at least 4 serves that might garner me some points. Additionally do you have a video or suggestions for going after lobs and dinks.
    What in your estimation would be a good paddle for someone who likes to use the spin?
    Appreciate hearing from you.
    Chuck Tice

  13. How about a low shot to your backhand?

  14. I’d like to see how to hit the 3rd shot drop shot when the ball is a hard return to me.

  15. I’d like to see how to hit the 3rd shot drop shot when the ball is a hard return of my serve. I can do pretty good at returning a soft shot but it’s more difficult when the return is low and hard, especially when it’s to my backhand.

  16. I took your clinic in Boise today and would like to get a copy of your 10 principles

  17. awesome slow mo forehand swing.

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