Want to add an important stroke to your pickleball game?  Check out this helpful video with Yvonne Hackenberg while she demonstrates the backhand!  We have even included slow motion so you can study the movement as well as pop up tips with instruction.  Yvonne is a platform tennis champion with 5 national titles to her name who discovered pickleball later in her career.  She has won numerous pickleball medals, and we think you can learn a lot just by watching her mastery of this stroke.  The backhand is a great stroke to add to your arsenal as you play pickleball, so watch and learn now!

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Hamner power serveTo further improve your game, check out another great serve with slow motion.  Learn from Alex Hamner as she demonstrates her amazing power serve. Watch The Power Serve with Alex Hamner today!

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  1. That is the best video on a pickleball backhand I have EVER seen! Of course part of it is Yvonne, who clearly HAS the best backhand around. Her mechanics seem to me to be perfect, almost magical. She keeps her head down like Federer, she follows through low to high on every shot, every ball is near the middle of her paddle when she makes contact, and she hits all those little targets exactly! (LOL on the last!) The other part, tho, is the quality of Rusty’s video, which is wonderful and also doesn’t try to overtalk anything…in fact I missed his intro and exits a little…but given the number of different views of the shot, and the truly excellent slow motion, it’s the right way for someone to try to memorize and later try to execute a better backhand. On a 1-10 scale I give it an 11!

  2. A thing of beauty… the perfectly executed backhand… something to strive for.. I had an advanced player tell me once I should run around my backhand… I didn’t listen and now have a good and consistent one. Not like Alex Hamner but getting there… thank you for all your videos Pickleball Channel…

  3. Hi, I would like to see the third shot drop, in both forehand and backhand please!

    Thanks Anne

    • Hi Anne! Thanks for watching Pickleball Channel. You are not the first person to request this on this post! Great minds think alike. Here are some videos about the third shot drop that we think can help. The first is from Wes Gabrielsen about improving your third shot: http://pickleballc.wpengine.com/third-shot-drop
      The second video is a drill to help you with the third shot and was shot in The Villages with the Brian and Matt Staub: http://pickleballc.wpengine.com/third-shot
      If you want even more videos you can search “third shot” in the search bar on our website and even more videos will come up that mention the third shot. Good luck and keep watching!

  4. Could watch Yvonne play forever–so smooth and precise. Thanks for this video, Rusty. (I didn’t miss the intro. )
    I’d love a similar video on how to put topspin on both forehand and backhand.
    Thanks for the videos. Keep ’em coming!

  5. I’ve been trying to find a good video about the backhand the last couple weeks and I ‘fell into it’ with your latest email. Great video, and as AJ mentioned, Yvonne is the perfect model. Our club just got it’s first ball machine which will help those who see this video develop a better backhand!

    Thanks again for another first rate video!

  6. Would like to see tips on how to hit a drop shot into the kitchen from the baseline on the third shot. Thank you. Great website.

  7. The videos on this site are very helpful. I would love to see something on a successful lob.

  8. I enjoy all of your videos and thanks to all who participate in them sharing their expertise. I would like to see demonstrations on the lob during the dinking game to move opponents away from the net and using top spin to hit shots out of the dinking game.

  9. So very pure! Even if replication by me is highly doubtful, it is a joy to watch.

  10. This video is so helpful, the slow motion allows me to see every move! Thanks, I will try it out on the courts tomorrow!! I have trouble with my serve..I am now pausing to take a breath after I am in position to serve, I keep my eyes on the ball…but 2 out of 10 are bad serves. It is so frustrating. I practice, but overall it doesn’t seem to help. My husband watches me and says sometimes I turn my wrist ever so slightly; I am trying to hard maybe. Jeez.

  11. I would like to see ladies execute a back hand lob from the back line.

  12. I would appreciate any videos offering tips and strategies on how best to play doubles with partners one of which is left-handed and the other right-handed.

  13. THANKS for the best video of backhand. Thanks to all your videos!

  14. This is such a great video! Yvonne has such a nice backhand and she’s a great player. I’ve enjoyed playing with her and against in so many tournaments. Great job! ~Steve Wong

  15. I’d like to see a drop shot from the kitchen line (without being transparent) when your opponents are both back.

  16. When a lob is hit over your reach, but you are able to turn and run back and hit it. What is the best return hit ? I find I can often do this (quick on my feet ) but the return I give seems to usually give the opponents a return hit for a point.

  17. I am one of those players that switches from right to left to take certain shots. A fellow player also does this. Is there a video on this practice as I know some players that would like to be able to do this on a consistent basis. Thanks.

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