Don’t stand by and watch your opponent take control of the point.  Blake Wilcox, the director of tennis and pickleball from Andalusia in La Quinta, CA, has just the Quick Tip for you to add control to your game.  Watch this short video to find out exactly what Chip and Charge means and how it can help you in your own game.  Watch now!

Special thanks to the amazing people from Andalusia at Coral Mountain for their hospitality!

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Coach Mo copyTo further improve your game, check out another great Quick Tip from Coach Mo in Florida! The Split Step works in tandem with the Chip and Charge and can improve your game overnight! Watch Pickleball Quick Tip: Split Step today!

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  1. How to you answer to the smash? I always want to step back to take the stink off, but always heard it is best to play up to the kitchen.

    Also….how do you deal with an opponent that puts spin on the return?


    • Those are two fantastic questions and we are planning to make future videos about these two subjects. Unfortunately, there is no one answer because it depends on the particulars in each circumstance. Soemtimes you step back and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you might tilt your paddle in the opposite direction to the spin to help rebuff the spin. The main comment we can make is to continue practicing and work on your observational skills. We have noticed that the players that are considered “Pros” have an uncanny ability to predict where the ball is going to go and we see that their observational skills are high. Good luck and loook for those upcoming videos in the future. Thanks for watching Pickleball Channel.

  2. pickleball nation

    lob baseline and at net… love your stuff

  3. Would like to see a video or instruction for hitting finishing shots from the kitchen line. I’m NOT referring to overheads, but balls that are high enough to put away. There is nothing more frustrating than working the point with great dinks and then getting that floater that you miss long or put it into the net. I’m good on the forehand but can sometimes struggle on the backhand side.

  4. What is the best stragety against the team that is hitting the ball hard on almost every shot?

  5. Do you have suggestions for practice on how to keep your eyes on the ball?

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