Do you know one of the secrets to taking your game to the next level?  It’s mastering the soft game using the dink!  Many players love to smash the ball hard, but everyone knows top players use dinking to control the game and ultimately win.  In this episode of Pickleball 411, we are fortunate enough to hear from pickleball ambassador Tom Early from Canton, Georgia as he demonstrates a key reason why you must have the dink as part of your game plus five steps to get started!

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Cross Court Dink Steve and Rusty smallIf you found this video helpful, you don’t want to miss this other episode of Pickleball 411. Learn from veteran pickleball player Steve Paranto as he explains the massive improvements you can make to your game if you use the cross-court dink shot instead of dinking straight across to your opponent. Watch How to Improve Your Dink Shot today!

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  1. Very good advice and I wish a lot more beginners would embrace this right from the start and yes, it is a great way to silence the smashers!

  2. The information is good on how to dink, but I would have liked to have seen some strategy as to where to hit the ball as you’re dinking. (Angle? Straight across the net?) Thanks.

  3. That’s great info for everyone. Practically anyone can learn to play these soft shots called the ‘dinks’. As you know practice makes perfect. So the savvier you are and the more nimble and quick you can be, if you follow the advice here, believe me you’ll be ecstatic about the new dimension your overall game has.
    Using the slice (under spin) and side spin will also have an advantage thereby putting you in control. These you can use on ground strokes as well as volleys to get control. Remember the fast, deep serves and returns are perfect to hit back w/a floating spin. The faster they come the better because you can use the pace off of the opponents shot to produce slices and side spins.
    Creativity is an ongoing tool to increase your choices and make you a versatile player that’s not easily rattled.

  4. Tom–great idea about 1 inch lines. This will enable more Tennis courts to be multifunctional as both a Pickleball and a Tennis court being double lined. And of course lined in 2 different colors.

    Do not know what you want in BLANK x two = 14

    • Hi Mike, Great comments – especially about the tennis court connection. The math problem is a way for the website to tell if you are a computer or not to protect against trolls. You would have filled in the blank with a 7 to prove you were a human.

  5. One line, is it the bottom of the ball touching the line or the diameter breaking the plane of the line that makes the call your video did not explain it.

  6. Please do a video on How to Run down a Lob using duck & switch. Love you videos and really need this one!

    I would also really like to see a video on Smashing and Spinning. Thanks!!!

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