PICKLEBALL CHANNEL NEWS UPDATE – This past week the Andy Roddick Foundation held a fundraiser for the organization and the activity everyone was focused on was PICKLEBALL! Andy Roddick, world champion tennis pro, was there himself and played pickleball for the first time.

He was ranked number 1 in the world in 2003 when he won the US Open Grand Slam championship title. Playing professional tennis for 13 seasons Andy Roddick was ranked Top 10 in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for 9 years in a row.  Retiring in 2012, Andy spends time supporting his philanthropic efforts based out of Austin, Texas. This particular event, supported by the ASK Charitable Foundation, raised funds to meet the goals of ARF which aims to enrich the lives of children outside the classroom.

Amer Delić, friend of Andy’s and tennis pro as well, and top pickleball players from around the country, like Scott Moore and Kyle Yates, showed up to support the event wholeheartedly.  The USAPA, represented by Christine Barksdale, showed their support as well and was excited to bring pickleball to the Austin, TX community.

For more information about the Andy Roddick Foundation go to www.arfoundation.org/

For more information about the ASK Charitable Foundation to to www.ask.team/#intro

Special thanks to the USAPA for coordinating with Pickleball Channel to bring this news update to you.  For  more information about the USAPA and pickleball go to www.usapa.org


  1. Awesome.
    Maybe Pickleball and Tennis can come together.

  2. That is so cool! I remember following Andy during my tennis years so it’s cool he finally got a chance to play pickleball.

  3. What a great event and very worthwhile cause and of course to have Andy himself come to play pickle ball while supporting his charity is awesome. From the video it seems he had a great time and there’s no doubt he was extremely competitive. Andy playing pickle ball in this event will definitely increase the interest in the game with kids and certainly get many more of them involved. Kudos to Andy, and all those involved in this event.

  4. Way Cool. Thanks tennis players , Thanks pickleball players. Lets have fun. And get some good exercise.

  5. This was awesome. We need more tennis players participating in pickleball, this will help grow the sport especially in cities where they are struggling to get the city to add pickleball courts.
    I do have a question how did you raise money for his foundation?. We need to raise money too add pickleball courts. Thank you.

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