What does a city have to offer to earn the title of Pickleball Capital of The World? Collier County and the city of Naples, Florida thinks they are well on their way to justify the moniker. Watch this engaging story as you follow all the different elements that had to come together to start the quest for Naples to become the pickleball capital of the world. Investing heavily, they started off with a bang by hosting the inaugural launch of the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships. It’s amazing to see people from the Tourism Board, Parks & Recreation, the County Commissioners’ office, as well as private companies like Minto Group and Zing Zang come alongside Chris Evon and Terri Graham who have a vision for something great that is growing daily. And every group was essential to making it happen. Hear the story, be inspired, plan a visit, and enjoy the growth as you watch this brand new “I Heart Pickleball” episode.

To learn more about the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships, visit usopenpickleballchampionship.com

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Simone Jardim wins at the US Open Pickleball Championships 2017
Simone Jardim wins at the US Open Pickleball Championships 2017

Get a peak into the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships!  The crowds, the arena, the players and action all show how amazing the sport is today and point to an exciting future. Pickleball history was made this year in Naples, Florida at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships when the largest number of players ever participated in the largest pickleball tournament to date!  Check out this video recap of the event including aerials of the new open air arena as well as tons of pickleball play.  Watch the Awe-Inspiring Highlights from the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships 2017!

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  1. Be nice if the finals were senior afforable. The only choices are if you cannot do bleachers (who can with creeky knees and trifocals?) are $500-$2000 passes.

  2. Chris and Terri – thank you so much for making this wonderful addition to our sport! This is a really informative video that details some of the history of the US Open. Thanks for sharing the story!

  3. No, the amazing world-class 18-Court covered pickleball facility in Spalding County(Griffin), Georgia is the best!!

    Don Hawbaker
    Spalding County Commissioner

  4. Naples, Florida gets my vote as the Pickleball Capital of the World thanks to Terri Graham and Chris Evon. It’s energy, great sportsmanship, high quality of play, and fun atmosphere is unmatched. It’s a world class event in a world class city.

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