If you like pickleball, you will love this video. The crowds, the arena, the players and action all show how amazing the sport is today and point to an exciting future. Pickleball history was made last week in Naples, Florida at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships when the largest number of players ever participated in the largest pickleball tournament to date! It was a fun week full of energy and the excitement was palpable. Check out this video recap of the event including aerials of the new open air arena as well as tons of pickleball play. And stay tuned to Pickleball Channel for more great US Open Pickleball videos that will be coming out weekly.

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venuestourpbcGet a complete tour of the grounds at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships with Rusty Howes and surprise guests, Dave Weinbach and Melissa McCurley. Watch 2017 US Open PIckleball Championships Venue Tour today!

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  1. Well done Rusty and the rest of the Pickleball Channel Team!!! Fantastic Video!

    • Thanks so much for watching and sharing. Glad you liked it. It was good seeing you briefly at the tourney. Thanks for what you have done for the sport over the years.

  2. Great Job Rusty…………I love walking by you at the Open and saying Hi. No matter how busy you are you say HI. This is my second year at the open and it gets better and better every year. I am from Westchester County, NY (retired teacher in the Bronx) and I am now addicted to this game. We are fighting very hard to get dedicated Pickleball Courts outside and get many more people involved. Thanks to your show we can get newbies more involved! You are the Bomb!

    • Lynne, Thank you so very very much for your kind words and encouragement. We try very hard to be helpful and grow the sport of pickleball overall. Thanks for giving a shout out and saying hi at the US Open. Yes we were running around a whole bunch, but glad I was at least able to be friendly LOL. Best wishes to you all in your journey to get courts. Hang in there and be persistent and friendly. We have found that pickleball groups that genuinely want to work with their communities to help the community have the best results. They will eventually see that it is good for both young and old. And one of the best overall investments in recreation per square foot for any community. All the best. Keep on Playing!

  3. When will the events be on the web or on TV (what channel).

    PS: the comments security section doesn’t appear correctly.

  4. Is their a min height from bottom of net to the ground

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