The California desert is redefining the relationship between pickleball and tennis! Watch this exciting episode of I ♥ Pickleball and hear how ambassador Chris Thomas worked with the City and local tennis clubs and resorts to grow pickleball in the greater Palm Springs area…and pickleball is exploding! Hear directly from the pros who run the tennis and pickleball programs at three major country clubs about how their tennis communities have embraced pickleball. They’ve seen their programs flourish, and the resorts have built a unique relationship that the entire country can model. Watch today!

Special thanks to Chris Thomas for his insight and dedication to the sport of pickleball.  The USAPA ambassadors across the country are amazing! Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at

Pickleball Channel thoroughly enjoyed visiting these locations and working with their talented staff. To learn more about Andalusia Country Club, visit

For more information on The Lakes Country Club, visit

For more information on Shadow Mountain Resort, visit

I Heart Pickleball

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  1. This is a excellent sport that is interesting, challenging to all ages. I have many tennis friends who , as they are getting older, switching over to Pickleball and loving , not missing, the new challange of this sport. Many parts of tennis are very similar to Pickleball, so the transition is natural. You are not learning a whole new game as many of the same componets of the two sports apply.

    Thank you for the hard work, great vids and please keep it up! The more who embrace this sport, the more advantages and oppertunites will open up for all of us, old and new players. I see this as an Olympic sport one day…

  2. Hey I think this is a sport made in heaven. Everyone that tries it loves it’s warm, friendly embrace. Unlike many other sports it transcends that stigma where players tend to be clickish and top players shy away from newer ones. Sometimes the newbies may be somewhat apprehensive and daunted by the notion of approaching better players. Especially those 5.0 players of distinguished recognition but even though you start out at your level you’ll soon find that as you improve they will encourage you to challenge them. Yes, generally it’s a lot more social and friendly, yet can be very competitive.
    Remember that one golden rule: exclusion is not part of sports, period. Consequently that credo reaches out to include everyone without hesitation, regardless of ability or disability. The only way to describe it is, something this refreshing was a long time coming.
    People like Marcin Rozpedski and Brian Evans featured here among many other greats like young Kyle Yates are highly approachable stars of the sport. You’ll see them in action here and become a fan of Pickleball before you can say PB.

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