Some have called this the best pickleball point ever. What do you think? Watch it now and find out why this point has been watched over 80,000 times and shared around the world on Facebook. It’s only 60 seconds and has everything you want to see on the court – fast, slow, offense, defense. This is a great video to share with your friends as an example of how awesome pickleball really is.  

Coaches and pros say it’s important to watch others to be a better player, so watch this point and see if you can spot the skills and strategies these players are using. Look for the different types of shots and gameplay each team uses to get control of the point. Watch this point now and be inspired to add something new to your game!

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========== WATCH THIS RELATED VIDEO ==========

grandcanyon_mens-doubles-brCheck out Wes, Kyle and Matt in another Gold Medal Match from the 5.0 19+ Men’s Skill Doubles at Grand Canyon State Games.  Get ready for some ridiculously long rallies right from the top as Matt Staub and Aspen Kern gun for US Open champs Dave Weinbach and Kyle Yates in a spectacular match that goes into a third tie breaker game. It’s a fight to the end and neither team gives the other an easy ride. It’s a great study of skill, stamina and patience.

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  1. Amazing series of shots. Great hand-eye coordination for a sustained period!


    The player in white making the final winning shoot followed through into the kitchen in the clip “55 amazing point” shot. Wrong side awarded the point.

    • Actually it’s a little confusing. The player in white that I think you are referring to, Kyle Yates, hits the ball long on the last shot which is why Matt Staub moves out of the way of the ball instead of hitting it. Matt judged that it was going to go out, which it did, and the point was awarded to Matt and Daniel Moore. With both sides congratulating each other it’s confusing as to who won the point. I didn’t see Kyle step into the kitchen either, but it may seem like his toe may have touched the line, but it’s hard to tell from the angle the video was shot. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Who are the four players?

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