Have you heard about stacking?  Many of our subscribers have asked about this topic and how to use it during a game of pickleball.  We were fortunate enough to get some help from Dave Weinbach and Justin Rodgers who use stacking frequently as a strategy to be a stronger doubles team.

Stacking is not necessarily for beginners, but this week’s Pickleball 411 is an easy way you can start to learn about stacking.  In this video we explain what stacking is, why you might use stacking and some examples of how to stack.  It can be a very complex strategy, but we are focusing on three common examples to get you started.

And for more information here is a DETAILED ARTICLE ON STACKING: http://pickleballhelp.com/everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-stacking/

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  1. Rusty, would have been cool to have the guys switch or stack in this case on the interview. Loved it!

  2. Raymond Raphael

    I saw a video a while back–don’t remember if it was on YouTube, your site or another, but it was exclusively on the “roll-over” shot as done from the no-volley line. If you know of it, please let me know it’s address.



  3. I live in a townhouse community which has two underused tennis courts. We would like to use them for pickleball, but are not allowed to have the lines painted permanently.

    Also, the gym I belong to is considering offering pickleball and would like to try it without having the lines painted initially.

    Do you have a video available that shows the best way to lay out a pickleball court using court tape and any tips you might be able to offer.

    Thanks so much for any advice.


  4. Well Explained. I want one more addition in the rules of stacking:
    Stacking is when someone plays a draw card and the next player tries to block it by stacking another draw card to avoid picking up cards. You cannot do this. The next player MUST draw those cards and lose their turn. If they change the rule, you’ll have to buy “the latest UNO with that rule”. For More: How to Stack in Pickleball?

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