Last month on  Pickleball we brought you to the rooftops of Los Angeles.  This month on Pickleball Channel we travel all the way to the other side of the USA to the eastern seaboard and the city of Portland, ME.  It’s an episode that you will find endearing as we watch a community grow closer together through the sport of pickleball.

Watch now to see the story of Rocky Clark and how he started a pickleball group right on his own neighborhood street!  But with tough winters in Maine, the sport had to spread indoors to keep the play going.  Now the number of people playing is over 200 and there are multiple indoor and outdoor places to play!

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If you want to play in your neighborhood, check out our other video on how to set up a temporary net and court.

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Learn more about lovely Portland Maine here.

And The Villages down in Florida here.

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  1. Great video! What an awesome neighborhood!

  2. Kitty Patterson

    I started playing Pickleball in 2012 in Redding CA with 5-6 players at an old city park tennis court.  In 2013 we started working with the city rec dept which allowed us to paint 6 dedicated courts on a rollerblade rink in a newer park–the perfect set up.  Since then we have mushroomed to nearly 100 players with nets set up 6 days a week for morning play and 2 days a week for afternoon play!  It is “love at first play” with most everybody because it is easy to learn, a fast-paced game, and a fun and gregarious group of players!  Our first Pickleball Scramble last year was “funtastic” with a 2nd one scheduled this month!  It all works because of many committed folks who give generously of their time and effort!

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