Pickleball 411 is a brand new series by Pickleball Channel premiering today!  This show will bring you all kinds of information about the sport of pickleball.  In our first episode our host, Rusty, talks to Kari who wants to make more use of her backyard court.  So Pickleball 411 walks her through the steps to make a temporary pickleball court in her back yard.  Follow along, as Kari and the neighborhood kids take on the sport of pickleball right at home.

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We are also connecting with the Ambassadors of the USAPA and various players across the country to bring you great Pickleball content.

Additional pickelball resources can be found at ‪http://www.usapa.org  you can see the net used in the show here www.usapa.org/usapa-portable-net-system


Special Thanks to Kari, the kids, the USAPA, Jean Sears, Marshall Pura and Joe Valenti @Valenti Sports for giving us the tip of using 3 tape measures.

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  1. no closed caption. Im lost

    • Hi Jody. We are happy to let you know that closed captioning has been created. If you watch again, you should now be able to find the closed caption option on the YouTube player. Eventually all the videos will be captioned. For now, just this one is. Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy. We’d love to hear if it works on your end as it is now for us here. If you have further questions or specific closed captioning comments feel free to email me directly. All the best. Rusty

  2. Cool video, Rusty! It makes laying out a court simple and easy to understand. Kudos to our local USAPA Ambassador, Verna Griffin, for laying out, taping, and ultimately painting 10 pickleball courts on old tennis courts over the past year.

    And to follow up on your “Special Thanks” to Joe Valenti, I want to give a shout-out to Joe for helping me on my recent order of USAPA goods. Those discounts to USAPA members are a really good deal, folks — check ’em out, if you haven’t already. Thanks, Joe!


  3. Great video on setting up a court outside. I will forward this to my brother Ricky Lefebvre. He is introducing Pickleball for the first time to the Dominican Republic. He is using an indoor raquet ball court as a temporary court. They still manage to play and have special rules for their special situation.

  4. Hello Pickleballers,

    I invite you to look at the Boeing Tennis Club rules for playing pickleball in a racketball court on the web. If ever you are spending vactions in the Dom Republic, Puerto Plata, the only spot to play is at the Oases resort at Costambar Beach in Puerto Plata. Email is JoJovco@aol.com just ask for Jose Vasthe.

  5. no comment

  6. Hello: I have been playing pickleball since I moved to Columbia, SC last year. We play indoors at a public county park, Seven Oaks. For a year now our small group of four or five people has been struggling to keep this game going. This week I started a meetup.com pickleball group and this coincided with NBC doing a spot about pickleball on national news. This has immediately increased the local interest so that we increased our attendance to 10 on Friday. We even had two managers of a very nice tennis complex here in town show up to learn about the game. I’m confident that interest will continue to grow here.

    • Carlos,
      This is great news! I hope your group can continue to grow. You might want to check out our first episode of I ❤ Pickleball which shows a group getting started. It might inspire our players to keep coming. You can do it!

  7. In my summertime pickleball bag is a roll of string, 25 ft tape measure, sidewalk chalk, black sharpie, adjustable wrench, a tennis court layout and pickleball court layout sheet. All the items needed to chalk out a pickleball court on a tennis court. I use the tennis lines to assist with the layout and keep the pickleball court square. I use the sharpie to make a small mark on the tennis court for the baseline corners and the non-volley line. Only noticeable if you are looking for the marks. In less than 5 minutes pickleball is being played on a tennis court.

  8. I have an indoor gym available to play pickleball but I cannot paint or put tape down to mark off the court. It is presently set up for basketball and volleyball. Do you have any suggestions to remedy this problem?

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