Pickleball Channel brings you a quick video to start the conversation – “What shoe do you wear to play pickleball?”  Since there are a lot of options out there it can be dizzying to figure out what type of shoe to wear when playing the fastest growing sport in the nation.  Comment below and tell us what you wear.

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  1. I am a boater and my boating have super great sole for wet slippery decks. These shoes have great grip on the floor and they are very light. I love them!

    Men’s Sea Kite Sailing Shoes, White, 8
    Model # 14037014

  2. I wear Nike Vapor9.5Tour…make sure you buy tennis shoes…NOT running or hiking shoes…tennis shoes have a lot more support…I played tennis once in a running shoe twisted over on my ankle and broke my fifth metatarsal in my foot!! Not fun!! Since buying Nike tennis shoes, I have had no problem!! I am sure any tennis brand shoe would be fine…I just happen to like Nike.

  3. I wear good basketball shoes by Nike.
    Also nike city courts.
    I want something durable and light for playing. The High tops basketball shoes give good support to ankles. Ideal shoe would probably be 3/4 high with breathable uppers and leather combination.the sole should be comparable to a volleyball shoe for inside play. Outdoor should be similar to a tennis court shoe.

  4. Paul Baillargeon

    I wear a New Balance MC656 court shoe because they are the only ones I can find in a 4e width. I used to wear cross trainers but I have more support and comfort with these.

  5. I work with a lot of beginners and most of them come with poor foot wear. I have seen so many people fall because of their wrong foot wear. Hiking shoes are the worst!!! I tell beginners if they are serious about playing Pickleball to get a good quality court shoe like Ron pointed out in your segment. Good court shoes are more important than a top of the line racket. In your video you should have interviewed top players and asked their opinion. I bet none of those players are wearing hiking shoes!!!! I liked your first video, but on this one you could have done better.

    • Thank you so much for your comments and participating in the conversation, we are excited to keep it going so people can learn just as you suggest.

  6. I wear tennis shoes made by New Balance. We mostly play out-of-doors on re-lined tennis courts, and (in my opinion) New Balance makes a quality shoe.

    Bill R.
    Pickleball by the Sea Pickleball Club
    Neptune Beach, FL

  7. For indoor play, I like to wear Harlow racquetball shoe with a gum rubber sole. They provide stability for quick stops and turns.

    For ourdoor play, I like a good tennis shoe that works well on asphalt-type courts. I do have a hard time finding the right shoe for outdoor play because I wear a woman’s size 11.

  8. I used to wear court shoes, but got tired of buying replacements so very often…so I switched to basketball sneakers [half hi-tops, in my case] and got almost 4 years out of them…not to mention the added ankle support….I guess labelling can be restrictive…..

  9. I like the K-Swiss tennis shoe. I haven’t slipped yet but they do wear out pretty quickly.

  10. I prefer the Prince T22 women’s shoe…it has a wide toe box with a Flat bottom surface made for outdoor play — allows space for the toes NOT to be jammed when moving forward and stopping quickly and also the flat bottom provides ankle stability when a player has quick side to side motions without ankle rolling…many tennis shoe styles have a slight rounding bottom which can result in ankle rolling when shifting quickly side to side. This shoe feels heavy compared to a standard runners shoe…but ankle stability is a must for this sport especially on an outdoor surface.

  11. I wear KSwiss tennis shoes…though the pair I wear how is a little heavier than some other KSwiss court shoes I used for tennis in the past. I will look for a lighter mesh version for my next pair.

  12. I Wear Nike high top Basketball shoes. Good balance and
    great for protecting the ankles. We play on a Basketball
    court so why not wear Basketball shoes!!


  13. I like Asics court shoes. They are very light and come in bright colours. It is important to look good when you play!!! People always ask me where I got them.

  14. As a reminder all USAPA Members receive 30% off the suggested retail price on all the popular Tennis Shoes and all the top brands including Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Prince T22 etc.

    Here is the USAPA merchandise store link


    Some great comments!!! For outdoor pickleball I wear the Adidas Barricade VIII with the 6 month guarantee (meaning you get a free pair if you wear through the bottom of the shoe upto 6 months after purchase date). For Indoor I use the Adidas Volleio an indoor court shoe made for Volleyball because when we play indoor we are on the hardwood floor. The support and cushion offered by the top Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Prince shoes are highly recommended for the lateral movement at the kitchen line. Running shoes are not designed for side to side movement BUT Tennis, Cross Trainers and Basketball shoes are. The New Balance and Adidas are offered in Wide widths which are very popular for a more comfortable fit.

    • Thanks Joe, the extra detail about specific shoes and the lateral movement is helpful. And thank you Valenti Sports for helping with the discount and supporting pickleball as a whole.

    • Always the salesman, Joe! Here in Sun City Carolina Lakes, we discourage folks from wearing any shoe with a lugged sole. We’ve seen too many people fall, as a result. I think the video does players a disservice implying that hiking shoes are a good option on the court. Personally, I like my Prince T22’s. They have a roomy toe box, great arch support, and the mesh upper breathes. Do you carry them? 🙂

  15. I always make it a point to support one of our Affiliate Partners when buying new shoes, I.e.: NB, Adidas or Reebok.

  16. Virginia Troester

    I wear Adidas, K-Swiss and Reebok. (Nike is not a good fit for me) I have a difficult time finding 5-1/2 shoes so when I do find that size, I usually buy a couple of pairs. I play about 3 to 4 times a week and never wear the same shoe twice in a row so they seem to last a long time.

  17. I switched over to a “tennis” shoe several years ago–a New Balance MC100 (583?) which from the start felt very comfortable in the store and more importantly on the court. It gives me a feeling of complete foot contact with any surface and has lace-like opening all around which allows good circulation and provides a feeling of lightness. They feel so natural that when playing I don’t realize that I have them on ! Check them out!

  18. Love k Swiss sneakers don’t have to break them in very comfortable wearing k Swiss for 6 years of playing pb

  19. I wear an Asics volleyball shoe to play indoors (we haven’t tried to play on an outdoors court yet). It’s a few years old, so I can’t be more specific than that. It is really light and easily lets me change directions. My husband wears a Nike court shoe. Both seem to have lasted well.

  20. I think wearing a tennis shoe is the best choice for everyone. Running shoes and hiking shoes are NOT a good choice, in my opinion. Too many people have been injured wearing incorrect shoes. I wear a good supportive tennis shoe by Asics that has the 6-month out shoe warranty. Please take this opportunity to educate people about proper shoe selection.

  21. Lipitz, I prefer tennis shoe and I wear them outside and indoor, New Balance 656. From my experience I had problem with cross training shoes while playing.

  22. New Balance tennis shoes. Works great on black top in summer and gym floor winter.

  23. Asic for the fit and durability, I play three or four time a week and they seem to last just under a year…

  24. It is so exciting to see everyone commenting and sharing what shoes they wear. We have even noticed that some commenters are considering shoes they hadn’t thought of before…and that’s exactly what we were hoping for – a conversation that educates. If you do not know what type of shoe to wear make sure you talk to someone who knows the needs of the sport and can help you with what you need specifically. Everyone is different and you should wear what works best for you. When in doubt, get some information and play it safe! Keep on playing!

  25. I am wearing nike court shoe,,, only problem that I have been having is very sore heels any suggestions….

  26. I have used a number of different shoes and generally, they do not last but 3 to 4 months as I play from 5 to 7 times a week. The best shoes that I have purchased that support my feet and have lasted almost 8 months now are a pair of Rockport court shoes that I got from Costco. Unfortunately, I have not seen them at Costco since. My wear point, as many other peoples, is under the big toe of your dominant hand, thus my right shoe wears through before my left shoe does.

  27. I used to buy good quality court shoes. They wear out just as fast as anything else. Now I buy any somewhat name-brand shoe that is on sale at Costco. They last just as long (usually about 4 months of hard playing). I don’t like full leather shoes so I get shoes with fabric on top. They all work just as well.

  28. I wear the Prince Renegade 2 LS. The current pair I’m wearing I’ve had for exactly 1 year and the soles still look good (I play 2 – 4 times per week, outdoors).

    There aren’t many sizes left so my guess is that this style will soon be retired. But I have another pair “waiting in the wings.”

  29. when i buy a sneaker for pickleball i look for comfort,support & price.The shoe i use is sold by costco & called Court Classic.It sells for only $16 and offers good wear outdoors & excellent wear indoors.At the price i buy one pair for indoors & one pair for outdoors.

  30. The best shoes for pickleball are court shoes. Running shoes are made to go only forward but court shoes are built to go laterally plus backwards and forwards. I have not tried basketball shoes but they would probably work.

  31. I wear a Babolat tennis shoe. I have a neuroma on my foot that can be very painful with most athletic shoes. I’ve been wearing my Babolat shoes since November with no pain at all. I love them . Playing at least three days per week the shoes are starting to wear down. I will definitely order another pair. They are a little pricey but we’ll worth it for the comfort.

  32. I do like good tennis shoes and they do last longer. I’ve been toled ming are to long because I step in the kitchen to often!!

  33. I like to wear a Reebok crossfit shoe because it is versatile and very light. Also my orthotics fit well into the wide toe box. I also use Addidas court shoes for the same reasons and this gives me relief from the pressure points of each type of shoe.

    Mississauga , Ontario, Canada

  34. I am very happy with my New Balance tennis court shoe. They have an excellent warranty and gave me a new pair when the stitching on top of the left toes started to some undone after 5 months. Just showed my receipt and got a new pair in the mail in a week!

  35. I wear ASICS Men’s GEL-Rocket 6 Volleyball Shoe. Nice and light with gum rubber sole. Lots of stick

  36. Hi, I am a sports podiatrist and a avid pickleball player in Ct. and Vt. Read a few of the comments on pick of shoe.I also test tennis shoes for tennis magazine. I would suggest a tennis shoe , depending on surface play on. There are many good tennis shoes out there, and there are alot of factors in picking a shoe. You do not want to wear a hiking or running shoe, because of the nature of movement in pickleball, the side to side movement and quick motion. A running shoe is a unilateral motion, wearing that and you are looking for a injury.
    You should fit your shoe , later in the day, when your feet are more swollen or after playing and wear the proper sock, one that wicks away sweat and be fitted right. if you play everyday and like a shoe, buy 2 pairs and switch off. I would also go to a proper shoe store and be fitted to the right size.
    Just some thoughts.

  37. I wear FILA basketball shoes. One pair for the indoor basketball court. A separate pair for the tennis courts (indoor and outdoor).

  38. I wear Asics Resolution 5 ,which is a great tennis shoe, I used to wear running shoes,but they are not good for lateral movement,I do not recommend them.Wear a good tennis shoe!!

  39. Prince T22: wide toe box for wide feet and less toe squishing. Wear thru warranty for 6 mo.
    Made me a better player, instantly. I was using a cheap skate shoe before, and the right shoes really elevated my game.


  40. I wear K-Swiss for Tennis, so why not use the same for pickleball! Fit great, good support, wear well, no break-in needed.

  41. I’ve worn K-Swiss and like them. Good support and light.

  42. Out here in AZ where we can play 4-5 days a week – 3 plus hours at a time I have found that a good tennis shoe allows you the movement needed (pivoting/rotating) without too much damage to the body. None of the sneakers I’ve used – AND I have tried them ALL – last more than a few months in AZ. Leather is hot but stable and durable. Light fabric sneakers are airy and cooler for the hotter months but may not offer the support for some as time goes on. I buy a few brands at a time and switch daily. My knees and feet seem to be happier with this rotation. Some sneakers need a break-in time – some are too heavy – and some are just right but they always seem to discontinue these :). When I find a good pair – I purchase a few pair online. It’s all in what feels good to your feet. As others have said – running/cross training shoes and yes – hiking have caused people injuries who are new to the game. My recommendation is to find a good court shoe and plan on looking for another since undoubtedly, that shoe will be discontinued.

  43. Dear Friends,

    It is very important to realize what your shoes are supposed to do for you during your activity. Hiking and running shoes are designed to provided cushioning during your run or hike but are not designed for lateral movement because these activities do not include much of it. Hiking shoes also have a higher center of mass due to the thickness of the sole which could result in twistin gof the ankle during lateral movements. In my opinion, Volleyball shoes make the best indoor Pickleball shoes and Tennis shoes make the best outdoor Pickleball shoes. I wear Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 shoes for indoor and the Adidas Barricade 7 for outdoors. Both provide exceptional lateral support as well as great traction on the surfaces they are intended for . Thank you for reading my comment and enjoy our wonderful sport!

  44. I wear court shoes because they are made for this type of sport. I have three pair Adidas, New Balance, and Fila. I started with just my regular street sneakers, but found that I burned through the soles pretty quickly on the court. Dedicated court shoes, I believe, are made of a different type of rubber that is harder and made for the rough surface and quick movements of the game. The soles seem to be wider for more support and contact with the court. Just be sure that whatever shoe you choose that it is comfortable and sturdy. Happy Pickleball playing!

  45. I wear New Balance 623 cross trainers. They are the most comfortable and really grab the court. They don’t last long (as others have stated), but I play about 20 hours a week and go through a pair about every 3 months. I think I will try basketball shoes once to see if they will last longer and give me the comfort that I am looking for. I’m a little surprised no one has mentioned this, but a good pair of after market insoles are a must. Even $100 court shoes have junk insoles! For about $20 you can get a decent pair of insoles and they last about a year. Thanks for all the input everyone. This has been an interesting read.

  46. We see more and more players wearing lighter weight indoor court shoes (squash & racquetball shoes) even for outdoor pickleball. They offer the same support as most heavier court shoes but with less rubber in the outsole. Still durable enough for most pickle players, these shoes give a really stable feel in a more comfortable, breathable construction. If you are a more competitive player and will be grinding away out there for hours, a tennis shoe like the Prince T22 has tons of rubber for more durability. Check out our offering of indoor shoes here. Same day shipping. http://www.bellracquetsports.com/PaddleSports/Pickleball/PickleballShoes.aspx

  47. I also play Paddle Tennis. In fact, have a court at my home. I used to make white soles a rule, because they wouldn’t leave black scuff marks. But since real ‘tennis shoes’ are almost impossible to find, thanks to Michael Jordan & his skinny legs, I’ve had to abandon that rule. My favorite was Stan Smith Millenials by Addidas. But they don’t make them anymore. So now I use K-Swiss AoSTA II. But both pairs are getting pretty worn out (always buy 2), no telling what’s left in real tennis shoes. I’ll read up on some of the ‘replys’ now. I did like the first one about boat shoes that grip well. If you have a white bottom boat, then you know why you want white soles.

    • Hi Ron,
      Regarding the “white ousoles”…if you buy any true court shoe from a racquet dealer (tennis shoes or indoor court shoes) they are non-marking, even with black, navy, red etc. rubber on the bottom. That’s why there are so few white soled tennis shoes available these days. I’d caution folks against boat shoes from a safety perspective because they are not built for the lateral stability required for quick movements in court sports. Pickleball is a court sport and only court shoes should be worn.

  48. I wear Nike Cross Trainers and they wear and wear. I’ve only been playing for 5 1/2 months and have the same shoes. Hardly any wear on them. I agree with Jon above, in that a good pair of sports insoles are a must in any shoe. They give you a whole lot more comfort and will save your feet from getting sore or worse. The model of Nike I wear isn’t being made by them anymore, so I’ll need to find a new shoe when my current ones kick the bucket. I prefer playing indoors, but my shoes seem to work on any surface.

  49. I wear New Balance court shoes because they have so many different widths. They have the roomiest toe box (depth as well as width). Always court shoes because they have lateral support. Running shoes are built for forward motion. Training shoes also have lateral support, but the soles are not as durable as court shoes. New Balance makes several different styles (mesh or leather uppers).
    I play on outside courts(both tennis and pickleball), indoor wood and also carpet.

  50. In real estate it’s location, location, location! In athletic shoes — and pickleball shoes in particular — it’s fit, fit, fit. Whatever brand and model you choose. Also, choose a shoe that’s built for activity you’re engaged in. For pickleball that would be tennis.

  51. I have ball of foot pain. The best shoes for me are Asics Gel Resolution. They run narrow so if you have a wide foot they may not fit well.

  52. Your video and polling are totally inappropriate!

    All pickleball players should be wearing court shoes. This is clear for safety reasons.

    People are getting injured everyday because of the shoes they wear.

  53. This video and associated comments provide so much conflicting advice and information that it’s totally useless. Do folks a favor and take it off the web.

  54. I wear a good court shoe for both indoor (wooden floor gym) and outdoor pickleball. In 40 years, I’ve never fallen playing tennis or pickleball outdoors. But in 8 months I’ve taken two bad falls on a nice new indoor wooden floor court. Once was running sideways, once was after hitting the ball leaning back to avoid falling into the kitchen. Any suggestions on how to avoid falling? I feel like it’s my shoes.

  55. When I started playing indoors 4 years ago I started with New Balance running shoes. After a year of playing 9 hours a week the shoes had to be replaced. I tried an Adidas leather court shoe. The shoe was very hot and only lasted 7 months. I then tried Nike KD basketball shoes. This shoes stuck to the floor so much that is caused me terrible knee pain so much so that I had to see a doctor and get shots in both knees. So I am now looking for a shoe that will give aliitle when I am moving on the indoor court. Probably will go back to a running shoe to save my knees.

  56. I was surprised to see a pro player (Brian Ashworth) recommending running shoes and the woman wearing
    hiking shoes! While those may be their personal preferences, I wouldn’t recommend either. Those are good for twisting an ankle – whereas a good pair of shoes can prevent injury. For indoor pickleball, look for natural gum rubber soles (volleyball shoes work well) and tennis court shoes for outdoor. We’ve created a complete buyers guide with some top picks here if you’re interested:

  57. I could not agree with Matt more….wear tennis shoes people! Running shoes, cross trainers, and for sure not boots, are not meant for the pickleball court. You will get hurt eventually! I personally like the Head revolt pro shoe for women.

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  59. I wear good basketball shoes by Nike.
    Also nike city courts.
    I want something durable and light for playing. The High tops basketball shoes give good support to ankles. Ideal shoe would probably be 3/4 high with breathable uppers and leather combination.the sole should be comparable to a volleyball shoe for inside play. Outdoor should be similar to a tennis court shoe.

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