This week on Pickleball Channel we have another quick video to get a conversation going…all about the supplies you bring to play pickleball!  For some players there are several must-haves that they bring to the court with them.  Take a look and join the conversation.  Who knows…you may give others a great idea based on what you bring!  It’s all about growing the sport of pickleball and making it more fun.  So make some comments below and share your knowledge!

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering, how can I purchase that yellow
    PickleballChannel bag?

    Luis Vazquez

    • Hi Luis! We haven’t started a merchandising line…yet. But it’s definitely in the foreseeable future. As soon as we make anything available we will let you know. Thanks so much for your interest! It certainly is encouraging to us here at Pickleball Channel.

  2. Two paddles,pickleball band aids,80 plus neutrogenas sunscreen, gum,and a small water cooler bag with 2 bottles of water

  3. Bring

    Knee, Ankle, Elbow protection, extra pickleballs, extra socks and sneakers, shorts and t-shirts and a jacket if needed

  4. Packs of mustard come in handy for leg cramps.

  5. Sunglasses, reading glasses, cold weather gloves, sunblock, shade hat, ski hat in winter, pen, paper, name tag, light jacket, sticky handle tape.

  6. extra socks, extra paddle, sunscreen for outside play, bungee cord and tape measure (for play on a tennis court), chalk snapline, extra balls, court shoes, official rules

  7. Lip gloss, gum, usually an apple and cheese, coins for coffee/rec centre payment, towel, two paddles, balls, currently carrying registration forms for BC (Canada) senior games. Water if playing outside…visor.

  8. I like the idea of the gloves!

  9. Pickle Pops, which are little packets of pickle juice. Miracle immediate cure for leg cramps! Extra paddle for somebody who may not have one.

  10. first aid kit, phone, extra paddle, sun screen, snacks, chap stick, gum, ibuprofen

  11. 3′ tape measureur to check net height, extra socks, shoes (Adidas Vollio & Baricades), Dry-fit Valenti Sports shirts, extra pro-lite Impact, Pickleball inc Legacy, Onix Zen paddles, Double elimination bracket for 4 teams, sunglasses, Court Grabber (keeps your shoes sticky indoor), marker, pen, wristband, towel, cash, headphones, heart rate monitor, pacer, pedometer and balls.

  12. I Bring my ” A ” game !

  13. Hubert Townsend

    You all forgot to carry your USAPA ambassador business cards to give to all players, especially people you just met and are telling all about the joys of pickleball. Go to to apply to help spread the word by being an ambassador. Spread the joy!

  14. Few wrist bands, microfiber , small towel, sneakers, paddle and safety goggle. Sometimes clif bars and extra shirt

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