Find out why it’s so hot in the desert! It’s two pickleball tournaments in one held in Palm Desert, California! Get a sneak peak into the exciting Lakes Country Club Spring Fling hosted by Marcin Rozpedski and EngagePickleball. PLUS catch the first ever official Professional Pickleball Federation tournament. We’ve got some gorgeous aerial footage of the courts as well as breathtaking slow motion of the fantastic gameplay. Feel the excitement jump off the screen!

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tennis-pickleball-pro-evansThe California desert is redefining the relationship between pickleball and tennis! Watch this exciting episode of I ♥ Pickleball and hear how ambassador Chris Thomas worked with the City and local tennis clubs and resorts to grow pickleball in the greater Palm Springs area. Hear directly from the pros who run the tennis and pickleball programs at three major country clubs about how their tennis communities have embraced pickleball.  Find Out What Happens When Tennis and Pickleball Mix!

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