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Stay Safe Returning Lobs – Pickleball Quick Tip with Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner

We see it all too often…players running backwards on their heels to return a deep lob. Unfortunately this often results in missing the ball or worse, falling backwards and serious injury. But there is a better way! Follow the trajectory of the ball and turn around to run it down. Watch this Pickleball Quick Tip with Jennifer Lucore and Alex […]

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Sizzling Pickleball Tournament Heats Up the Desert | The Lakes Spring Fling

Pickleball is heating up the desert! Check out this hot montage of all the action from The Lakes Spring Fling held in Palm Desert, California earlier this month. Hosted by Marcin Rozpedski and EngagePickleball at The Lakes Country Club, this tournament has all levels of play, gorgeous facilities and top-notch volunteers. Pickleball Channel highlights it all, including gorgeous aerial footage […]

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Two Tournaments Heat Up the Desert – The Lakes Spring Fling & PPF Championships

Find out why it’s so hot in the desert! It’s two pickleball tournaments in one held in Palm Desert, California! Get a sneak peak into the exciting Lakes Country Club Spring Fling hosted by Marcin Rozpedski and EngagePickleball. PLUS catch the first ever official Professional Pickleball Federation tournament. We’ve got some gorgeous aerial footage of the courts as well as […]

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