Pickleball Referee Training – The Ultimate Quick Start Video  You can be a part of something special!  We love pickleball and are so thrilled to be able to share this pickleball referee training video with you because of what it can do for the sport of pickleball as a whole. We know trying to referee for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! This Official USAPA Referee Quick Start is a no-pressure video that is short, easy to understand and we hope will eliminate any fear and pressure about reffing. It will give you the basics of refereeing for pickleball, with easy to understand 3D graphics, so that you can get out there, have fun, and get started practicing the skills immediately. Referees hold a really important role in the sport (and not just for big tournaments) and we believe you can totally do it!

USAPA Referee page360x214But there is more! You might not realize it, but when you really know the rules of pickleball you will become a better player.  And we all know that for the sport to keep growing we need more referees. You just might not have realized that it will actually improve your own game.  And because the video boils it down to the basics, it is easy to start now. Go to www.usapa.org/referee for a referee handbook, guides, pickleball referee score sheets, the complete rules, a rules quiz and information about a pickleball referee training and certification program. The USAPA has all the resources you need to help you succeed! Improve your own game and help grow the sport by watching this video and giving reffing a try!

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Bob BarczakHear from pickleball referees Linda Hoggatt, Bob Barczak, Mitch Fitzhugh and Byron Freso about why they like reffing, the benefits of being a referee, and some tips for those interested in giving reffing a try. So, why not consider this unique opportunity to learn more about the game while having a front row seat to all of your favorite pickleball matches. It’s a win-win situation!

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Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at usapa.org

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  1. Great video . Hope it helps more people get out and ref.

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