Have you ever considered being a pickleball referee? I bet you didn’t know that being a referee is easy to learn and allows you to give back to the sport while improving your own game. In this latest video from Pickleball Channel, hear from pickleball referees Linda Hoggatt, Bob Barczak, Mitch Fitzhugh and Byron Freso about why they like reffing, the benefits of being a referee, and some tips for those interested in giving reffing a try. So, why not consider this unique opportunity to learn more about the game while having a front row seat to all of your favorite pickleball matches! It’s a win-win situation!

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To learn more about becoming a pickleball referee, visit the USAPA’s referee resources page..

Additional pickleball resources can be found at the USAPA website at ‪http://www.usapa.org

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  1. I’ve taken the excellent Ref training at The Villages, Fl. With the follow up shadowing a real ref and then ref’ing my on first game, it was thrilling and exciting. Looking forward to doing more. While not for everyone, many folks will enjoy giving back to the great sport in this way.

  2. Mary Buckwalter

    Nice video – thanks for posting. I noticed a form for the refs. Is there a link to the referee form? We’d like to try it for our regular weekly games.

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