History is being made in pickleball. The sport has grown so much that there’s now a Pickleball Hall of Fame! This video showcases pickleball in a special way. We are able to enjoy pickleball today because of people like these 8 Finalists that were just announced for possible induction into the Pickleball Hall of Fame. Learn who they are and when the final three inductees will be announced.  For more information about the Pickleball Hall of Fame you can visit their site pickleballhalloffame.com

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hqdefaultIn 2017, Pickleball Channel was honored to help make some special videos for the Pickleball Hall of Fame. Check out the original action version of this special opening video from the awards ceremony and see the long history, athleticism and significance of pickleball.  Many pickleball players are proud of the sport, and love to see videos that capture that pickleball pride! Watch the Pickleball Hall of Fame opening video today.

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  1. I get enough leg cramps as it is, I don’t know why Hyland wants to sell them. Who would pay for that?

  2. I just wanted to say, how pb saved my mental and physical state. Early 2018 I was diagnosed with a chrondrosarcoma of the 8 th rib. In March I had 4 ribs removed, and 3 vertebrae shaved. ICU 4 days and 3 more days in regular room. All surgeons said it could be 6-12 months recoop time. I proved them wrong. Even though I’ve been an athlete all my life, I worked even harder to get back in shape. In July, 4 months after surgery I qualified ( in Abq) for 2019 Sr National Olympics. in singles and WD. I’ve been playing 7+ yrs, and after many tournaments, a member of SSIPA, I’m going strong as a 4.0 player. Thanks pb channel for all the videos to watch during recoop time.

  3. Pickleball is a great sport that brings communities together.

    The camaraderie in Pickleball is unsurpassed.

    Pickleball is so much fun and it is easy to learn.

    I am addicted to Pickleball just like many other Picklers all over the world. I play 6 days a week and find it hard to take 1 day off.

    Pickleball has been a blessing in my life and I am filled with gratitude.

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