In this episode of Pickleball 411, Matt and Brian Staub of Poach Pickleball join our host, Rusty Howes, to share their insights about the “Third Shot” in a pickleball match. Did you know it is considered by some to be one of the most important shots in your game when you are the server? In this great video, our guests walk us through the thinking behind the third shot and all the steps you need to know to make it work for you.  Watch it now to learn more about the Third Shot!

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  1. Okay Rusty, Brian and Matt,

    Can we consider the 4th Shot? Following my 2nd Shot, generally driven to the deep middle, I get up to the NVZ Line. I’m thinking, “Hot Dog, I can’t wait to get ’em in a dink-a-thon!” However,
    when they hit the ball hard at/to me, I often return the ball back to them for an easy shot. or worse fail to return it at all.

    What should I be doing up at the net when not in a dink-off?

    Love all your videos. Thank you so much.

    Tom Gunoe

  2. Great video, gentlemen! I have been playing for a little over a year, and have “plateaued” at about a 3.5 level. It is time for me to start working on the finesse part of my game in an effort to improve: dinks, lobs, and the so-called “third shot”.

    I have been reading about how important (tactically) the third shot is in the process of the serving team working its way into volleying position at the kitchen line. But I was never able to find a good explanation of *how* to hit the shot. I couldn’t figure out whether it should be hit as a slice, or as an extreme topspin ground stroke (dipping down into the kitchen on the far side of the net).

    Come to find out, the answer is “neither of the above” — according to the video, the third shot is hit as sort of a mini-lob that is calculated to land in the receiving team’s kitchen. The hint to hit the shot with a continental grip (as a former tennis player, I understand exactly what that is) is also quite helpful.

    So, thanks for the great “how-to” instruction. Now, I just need to head out to the courts and work on my execution!

    Kind regards,
    Neptune Beach, FL

  3. I liked the video, but do you ever mix up your 3rd shot and hit a hard return or a lob. Seems to me a little mixing up of shots will help confuse your opponents and keep them off guard. Am I wrong?

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