This week on Pickleball Channel we have a Pickleball Quick Tip!

Coach Mo presents today’s Quick Tip from The Villages in central Florida.

Coach Mo has taught pickleball for nine years locally and across the country, but he also has a very long personal history of coaching players in all kinds of sports. (Check out his story in our I ♥ Pickleball episode called Coach Mo…A Lifelong Coach!)

Today’s tip is a great reminder for most players to be careful not to rush the net after you serve. You have to wait for the bounce on the return and it can be strategic to just wait behind the service line for that second bounce.  Then you can make your way up to the kitchen.  This is especially helpful for newer players or players with less speed on their feet.  If you have quick speed, can judge the ball well, and run backwards easily, this tip might not be the one for you.  Remember, everyone’s skill level is different.  Make sure you do what is best for you and play safe.

So watch this Pickleball Quick Tip today and start improving your game!

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  1. I have trouble retrieving the balls just on the line of my right or left side or down the middle, my back hand isn’t the greatest. I also have a problem when the ball is hit directly at me. Can you help me?

  2. My serve is the best part of my game. After starting serving in the “Bowling Motion” (Underhand serve), I started to develop a serve with more power going from very low (bent legs) and exploding with a below the waist side arm serve. I find with practice I can pretty much call my shots; to opponents backhand toward his left shoe and deep, down the middle , to the extreme right side line and short. Also I move around quite a bit in the service area to be able to direct the ball where I want it to go. I really try to vary my serves and I find I make points on at lest 25% of my serves. I realize Coach Mo and Coach Phil Dunmeyer suggest a looping deep serve that is a bit slower so I can keep the opponents back, but generally my partners suggest I turn the heat up because of my success rate.
    Unfortunately I am not as fast a foot as I use to be in my youth, so I have to us ethe serve to my advantage.

  3. Sometimes the stepping back can be an issue for someone like me, but I personally learning very quickly the tips and started using light paddles as well to make the movement of hands simple and easy.

  4. This was one of the first things I was thought when I was starting off with Pickleball. Coming from tennis background this method was hard to adopt but really improved me to drive the pickleball in with my paddle.

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