In this episode of Pickleball 411 (which we shot at the beautiful Red Mountain Resort in St. George, UT!) we discuss an important step of playing pickleball, which will improve your game: dynamic stretching – the process of stretching the body with movement.  There are probably a lot of us out there that do not take advantage of this step because we are so excited to start playing, but it really is important to do this before you get on that court.  It has been shown in recent studies that dynamic stretching is the perfect type of stretching to do before any sports activity as it aids in getting the muscles ready for firing during the activity.  It actually can improve your performance!  So if you want to win more, it’s time to incorporate stretching into your routine! Go to to watch now!

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  1. Hello:
    I am glad that you are trying to educated your Pickleball community about the importance of stretching. But in doing so it is important to emphasize exercise safety especially in an older population. There are several stretches in your two videos that would be contraindicated for an older population. Flexion and twisting motions of the spine, especially seated, are high risk motions for spine compromised adults and are not recommended.

  2. Just a question here since you were at Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah…does that mean you were at Huntsman too? Also I loved you on Huntsman radio show. 🙂

    • Yes Emma – we were at The Huntsman World Senior Games this year. Check out #PickleballRoadTrip to see our short videos. Thanks for commenting and playing!

  3. Will do thanks so much. 🙂

  4. Anyone with low back issues should avoid stretches such as Windmills, twisting lunge, and standing toe touch. The lumbar spine requires stability not flexibility. For rotational exercises (e.g. cable wood chop), you should always rotate in the hips or thoracic (upper) spine. Rotating the lower spine is especially dangerous when laying on your back as it is decompressed (i.e. avoid the lying torso twist).

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