Everyone loves a great rally during a pickleball game and we are so excited to be able to share a fantastic one with you!

If you missed it this past weekend, Pickleball Channel was able to air the live stream of the PRO Mixed Doubles matches from the Las Vegas Pickleball Open presented by Head Penn Pickleball.
This point during the bronze medal match between Robb Cassidy & Susannah Barr vs. Irina Tereschenko & Riley Newman was so surprising, as we watched it happen live, that we had to share it with everyone. It has everything: diving, scrambling, no-look shots, poaching, covering, ernes, cross-court action and more.

Watch this Point of the Day video showing all the athleticism these players could muster and if you can get out on a court in your area, try to have an amazing rally yourself!

Special thanks to Hyland’s Leg Cramps for making Pickleball Channel possible. Find out more about Hyland’s Leg Cramps and other products by going to https://www.hylands.com/products/adults/leg-pain.

Special thanks to Head Penn Pickleball for presenting the event.

Special thanks to Dave Benz and Simeron Gonzales for their exemplary commentary during the live stream event.

Special thanks to Plaza Hotel & Casino who have supported the growth of pickleball by providing this professional broadcast event the last three years.

Special thanks to Digital Wave Productions for creating this professional broadcast and showing the world how great pickleball really is.

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