Pickleball 411 is our most popular show on Pickleball Channel so we thought we’d create a playlist just for you! Now you can watch all of them in one place with easy access – and it’s great for sharing! Want to help someone else out with some of the basics of pickleball education? Send them this playlist! Now we can all learn more about pickleball together!

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  1. The video on serving is somewhat helpful, but when you show actual players serving they
    are really using a very underhand motion, more like a softball pitch. There are however many variations that fall between the illegal and the very vertical motion.

    Showing a wide variety of serves that may be legal, though questionable, would be helpful.


  2. We have a team of about 30 playing 3 times a week outside on asphalt tennis courts. We want to purchase new balls. The USAPA sanctions a number of Pickleballs for tournament play. Has anyone evaluated which is best for the price? Thank you…

  3. I’ve always questioned what’s the most important shot in pickelball. I heard it’s the third shot drop. Then, I heard that it was the serve. It could be the lob or the dink. It could even be the volley. I’ve always felt that it’s the return of serve. Because if I miss hit or don’t return the serve, it’s an easy point for the opposing team. I’m not sure if there are any episodes regarding the best shot. But I really appreciate what I’ve seen so far and really want this question answered. Thanks

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