Find out if you’re making these three big mistakes when volleying by watching this informative Pickleball 411 episode now!  Most players know that the volley is an essential part of any player’s pickleball game, but it can be a bit tricky to master.  Watch and improve your own game as we talk with top 5.0 player Scott Moore who breaks it down for us and gives insight into how to make your volley successful. Don’t let this chance go by to improve your volley! Watch today.

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  1. Thank you for this edition. Scott’s video of how not to hold the paddle were helpful to m. The graphics provided a clear understanding of the angles involved.

  2. Thank You, Dan

  3. But for other skill levels, hitting to the middle every single shot will cause you to become way too predictable AND it will keep you from taking advantage of the openings when you have them.

  4. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stressed one thing to the newbie player. Once you’ve achieved the offensive/control position up at the ‘kitchen’ you must strive to hold your ground as Scott says here. What’s worse is when you’re already stationed at net as in the case of the partner of the designated receiver of the serve. Often when I finally convince the baseliner to come up after one bounce, he/she will blow an easy volley or do an ineffective dink. Instead of trying it over and over until they get the hang of it, they go back to their baseline game of playing defense only. I explain it’s because they’re not used to being up, they can expect to get worse before they get better. It stands to reason and holds true for anytime you make a change/adjustment in your game.
    So often I see players back up instead of dominating the net when ideally positioned to do so. Can’t seem to rationalize why they do that. Bad habit! Perhaps because they don’t own a good volley, as in not confident. Do some drills to improve your position up front. Anticipation, reaction speed and dexterity. Changing the grip on the paddle is not something I recommend even though it’s easily done, with practice. What I suggest is one grip to effectively/comfortably hit both forehands and backhands. Instead find the one grip that works for you using many ways to pronate the arm and using the body without causing injury or even a sprain due to undue twisting of the muscles of the arm. Basically it depends on how quickly you come to terms with being aggressive minded even from a defensive position, and being able to be aggressive successfully. Most points are won at net, that’s all. Cheers!

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