Want to see some spectacular pickleball? You might think that pickleball Gold medal matches are exciting, but let me tell you, the Pro Bronze medal matches from the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships were out of this world! Take the PRO Men’s Doubles Bronze match for example. This match up between Scott Moore & Brian Ashworth against Marcin Rozpedski & Morgan Evans is neck and neck the entire time and then goes into a third tie-breaker match that is ridiculously close. These guys are the best of the best, and neither is willing to let the other team take the medal. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to watch to find out!


us-open-pickleball-winning-tips-bronze-mens-doubles-2016After an all out fight to the finish, the winners of the first ever Pro Men’s Doubles Bronze medal talk about what it took to win. After two tough matches and a brutal third tie breaker game, how do you manage your stress? Hear from these winners and learn from their advice. Watch Winning Tips – How We Won PRO Bronze: Ashworth/Moore today!

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  1. It was surprising to me that at the pro level a player would be allowed to use what appears to me to be an illegal serve. The player with the white shirt and red hat was using a backhand serve where most of the time it looks to me that the paddle head was above his wrist when striking the ball and his arm is not moving in an upward arc. The tournament rules state:

    Underhand Defined.
    The arm must be moving in an upward arc and the paddle head shall be
    below the wrist when it strikes the ball (paddle head is that part of the paddle excluding
    handle. The highest point of the paddle head cannot be above any part of line formed where
    the wrist joint bends)

    It would be nice to get som comments from some usapa officials on this.

  2. I agree with Ray Manzoni’s comments above. That man’s backhand serve was illegal !

  3. You don’t think His opponents would have pointed out an illegal serve? In the Bronze medal match of the US Open? Of course they would, especially as intense as Evans is. I have watched Scott Moore use that serve in many other matches, and it was never called. It meets all the rules.

  4. I think Morgan Evans on court behavior is obnoxious. A poor role model and ambassador.

    • David, I’m unsure where in the video Morgan Evans’ behavior is bad. (Morgan’s the one in the green shirt and floppy hat.) Maybe I just missed it?

  5. I would like to watch the US Open on TV. What channel is the games on, I have Time Warner?

    • Hi Doris! The only place you can watch the complete set of PRO matches from the US Open Pickleball Championships is on Pickleball Channel – right where you wrote this comment. There is a tab at the top of the page that says US Open Pickleball Championships and all the video coverage we have from the event is grouped there. They are no longer available on TV through a cable provider. They were on CBS Sports Network for a couple of days about a month after the event took place. Enjoy them today on Pickleball Channel!

  6. I would like to watch the US Open on TV. What channel are the games on, I have Time Warner?

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